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2012-2013 Kindergarten Registration




Age Requirements:

* Children who are now five years old or will have reached their fifth birthday before September 1, 2012, are eligible to enroll for kindergarten in the coming school year.


*Children who are now six years old or will have reached their sixth birthday before September 1, 2012, are eligible to enroll for first grade.  (If your child is already attending Valley View Elementary as a kindergarten student, it will not be necessary to register them as a first grader.)


How to Register:


Step 1 - You will need to create an account with a user name (your email address) and password for this system.  This information is used strictly to permit you to save all your information and complete or print the forms later.


If you do not wish to complete this information online, you do have the option to print a blank packet of forms that can be completed by hand.  If you cannot print the forms, and would like them mailed to you, please call 717-885-1220.  Please do not sign the forms.  You will need to sign all forms during your appointment.  You will need to provide a picture ID when signing forms.  Please complete the attached Physical Exam Report and Dental Exam Report and bring with you to Kindergarten Registration.  See the attached notice from the Nurse's Office for further instructions.

Create an Account and Begin a New Registration Return to Your Existing Registration Information Print a Blank Packet of Forms


Step 2 - Schedule your appointment(s) to complete the registration process for your child (children).  Click Here To Schedule Appointment(s).







Staff vs 8th grade basketball and Cookie Bake Off

8th grade team

4th Annual Staff vs

8th Grade Basketball Game

and Cookie Bake Off

All proceeds go to Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Staff Team

Good Sports for a Good Cause!

Concession Stand

GO MAD! "Go Out and Make A Difference!"

Cookie Bake Off ballot bags

Amazing Students, Amazing Sportsmanship!

Look at the crowd!! (and YSMS Alumni)

Thanks for supporting Big Brothers/Big Sisters!

Cookie 'monsters' and organizer, Mrs. Page!

Mrs. Kopp won (again)!

$657.01 raised for

Big Brothers/Big Sisters!!!!!!


Science Fair
YSEF Grand Champion
Gabriel Tyson an eighth grade at York Suburban Middle School and son of Thomas and Grace Tyson won Grand Champion of the Junior Division at the York County Science and Engineering Fair on March 9, 2011. Gabe competed against seventh, eighth, and ninth graders from across York County to win this honor. This is the first time that York Suburban Middle School has won this award. At the York Suburban Middle School Science Fair, Gabe earned a first place and Best of Plant Sciences on January 28, 2011.
How do different colored lights affect the health and growth of plants? Plants were put in a controlled box with four different sets of lights for each plant. The plants were monitored each day and were checked for color, texture, and size. Each day the soil was checked to see if the plants needed water. If water was needed, ten milliliters were given to the plant. It is a small amount of water; however African violets do not need lots of water to survive. Based on the color, texture, and size the red light plant’s statistics remained the same while the blue, green, and control plant’s statistics were decreased. The control plant died first, then the green light plant, and finally the blue light plant died. The plant being controlled by the red light was the better choice of artificial light in plant growth and health. When compared to the blue, green, and control light, the red light was far superior. The red light plant did not change at all; there was no change in the leaves or coloring of the plant. The hypothesis was accepted because the red light was the better choice of light and the plant lasted the longest throughout the experiment.
YSEF First Place Winners
The following students from YSMS earned a first place at this year’s York County Science and Engineering Fair, by scoring 90 or higher on the 100 point judging criteria.
Jon Abel            Danielle Cardone      Jessica Clancy
Leah Deroche    Jensica Isiminger     Breanna Kane
Breah Koller       Jordan Landis             Alison Liu
Susan Lloyd       Claudia Mingora       Grace Pinzola
 T.J. Platts            Jacob Shoemaker    Gabriel Tyson
YSEF Top Ten Percent
The following students scored in the top ten percent in the Junior Division (grades 7-9)
     Jon Abel        Jensica Isiminger        Alison Liu       
     Susan Lloyd   Jacob Shoemaker     Gabriel Tyson



A Team Persuasive Writing Kick Off Event






A Team Awards

All For One Helper Award

All For One Helper Award

Balancing Act Award

Balancing Act Award

Bill Nye Science Award

Bill Nye Science Award

A Team

A Team

Jimmy's Math Award

Jimmy's Math Award

Samar Social Studies Award

Samar's Social Studies Award

Student Athlete Award

Student Athlete Award

Susan and Alex

Susan and Alex

A Team teachers presenting awards

A Team teachers presenting the awards

Team Spirit Award

Team Spirit Award




 It is Cool to be Kind at VVC at Yorkshire!


To Celebrate International Friendship month and Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb14-18th) we our focusing on Kindness in February!


When you walk into our school you will  see a large hallway display of a heart with the title "KINDNESS FILLS OUR HEART".  Students and staff have been challenged to be especially kind to one another this month.  We are looking for ways to BE kind to others, and are recognizing ways that others are being kind to one another.  Each time an especially kind act is witnessed, a cut-out heart is given to the kind person to recognize the deed.  The child's name, and the kind act, is written on the heart.  This paper heart will then find its way to our large hallway display heart---in hopes of filling our school heart with kind acts!


Home challenge:  We want our families to get involved too!  Each child will be bringing home two paper hearts.  It is our hope that throughout the month of February, you can recognize two kind acts that your child engages in at home.  Perhaps there's a kind act in the community in which the whole family can participate!!  When you see your child take part in an expecially kind act, please record it on the paper heart and send it in to school.  Your child will share his/her kind act with the class, and the heart will then be placed on our school-wide display!  Help us spread kindness during Friendship month! 


We modeled this activity off of the book "Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler!"  Dr. K shared the book with all students during her last Book Sharing Day.  Have your child tell you about the book today!



Music Department News


The Sounds of Tomorrow and The Christmas Jazz Band from the Middle School visited the Senior Life York Center to bring Holiday cheer. It was a great way for students to interact with others of another generation and was appreciated by the seniors of the center. It was a fabulous way for all to get in the mood for the holidays!

Click here to see a short video of the trip! 



J Team's Jeopardy, Cookies and Cocoa


J Team's Jeopardy, Cookies and Cocoa

Look on the J-Team bulletin board, and you will see the delight in students’ faces as they enjoy their much-deserved cookie and hot cocoa reward after competing in our mid-term jeopardy review. While teachers tried to stump students with questions about the correct order of operations, the names of various cells, methods of characterization, and the names of important leaders in ancient history, students from Mrs. Perkins’s homeroom impressed all of us with their knowledge (and savvy wagering techniques), outscoring all the other teams and winning a pancake breakfast on our next team day. Special thanks to our parent volunteers—to all of those who contributed food, and particularly, to those who volunteered their time to help set up and serve during our afternoon celebration.  (see below for some picture)



A Day in the Life of the O Team



















O Team Curriculum in Action


The sixth grade students of the O-Team have been working hard as they acclimate themselves to their new building, new schedules, and new friends. As they near the half-way point of the year, it seems so long ago that they were worried about getting lost or not working their lockers. Sixth graders were asked what they enjoy most about YSMS and sixth grade.
“I really like switching for UA classes.”- Maiya
“I love that we can have lockers.” -Megan
“It’s nice to meet kids from other schools.” -Colin
“Having gym more than once a week is cool.” -Steve
“The lounge is fun.” –Ben
“Having different choices at lunch is good.” -Jakob
“The day goes so quickly with all the changes.”- Jeremy
“The teachers are very helpful.” -Lillia
“Tech ed is great and using the tools is fun.” -Chris
Language Arts- Students in Mr. Hoffman’s class have been visiting the 4 yr. old class of the child center at the First Church of the Brethren monthly. The sixth graders read stories and converse with their younger friends. Eleyan reports, “It’s so much fun to read to the little kids.”
The language arts classes have also started blogging. They post their thoughts and ideas about current events and timely issues. It’s a great way to share their opinions and stories with cyber-world.
Math- Students in Ms. Hayman’s classes are entering the world of geometry and exploring polygons. They are more in tuned to shapes around them and how they all relate in the real world. Students are also studying real life applications of problem solving as they continue to improve their skills with integers.
Science/Social Studies- Mrs. Leithiser has had the students exploring the environments of the wetlands. Students chose an animal of these areas and found why they thrive in this environment. They are also getting geared up for their study of electricity.



R Team Curriculum in Action

Research indicates that bullying behaviors among girls peak at the middle school level. Often, girls bully in ways that are not visible by many adults. The exclusion, gossiping, and pressure to fit in create undue stress in an already stressful season of their lives. In an effect to help our sixth grade girls navigate through these social issues, on Thursday, November 4, 2010 all sixth grade girls participated in several activities. First, The Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center came and presented their brand new program entitled “In Her Shoes”. This unique character education program is for Middle School Girls. A combination of media, music and fashion addressed girl to girl interaction.  Topics included many forms of cyber bullying, “sexting”, “bullycide” and how to rise above difficult social situations that middle school students encounter.  Ultimately the course emphasized the need for empathy and how to empower students not to get caught up in relational aggression that can include exclusion, rumors and gossip.  The class was designed to educate, raise awareness and promote changes that will lead to a more productive academic and social environment. The “In Her Shoes” message was a great way to start the new school year!

Additionally, the girls viewed an Oprah episode, The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls, based on the Rachel Simmon’s book Odd Girl Out. This book is available in our library for parents or students to read. After the session, the girls participated in small group discussions related to the videos, programs, and YSMS culture.
“I liked the deep conversations. The Oprah video made me realize how girls can take little things and make them into big problems. This will help me remember not to do that and it really hurts people.” – Alex B.
“I now know the seriousness of threatening someone. I was amazed at the video when the one girl agreed with her friend about wanting to bring a weapon and she ended up in juvenile hall.” – Lena S.
“If you are being bullied don’t turn it around and become the bully.” – Alyssa H.
“The little things such as a smirk, facial expression, or little comment can really hurt someone.” Sofia S.
“In the Oprah video when Dawn Marie killed herself because of bullies, I learned how hard people can take it emotional.” – Ykendi H.
"We watched a video about a girl that committed suicide because she was bullied. It is important to tell someone if you know someone is being bullied." - Kayla F.
"What I liked most about the Susan Byrnes Center is I got to see the real Susan Byrnes." - Shawna K.
"What I liked most about The Susan Byrnes center was when they taught us if you have a problem tell an adult." - Mary S.
The Byrnes Center also facilitated a presentation for the boys called “Flirting or Hurting” which focused on the respectful behaviors towards peer, with an emphasis on appropriate behaviors toward females. Additionally they learned about "MANners 101" and how to tie a tie. The day ended with small group discussions on how to achieve one’s dream.
"We had a presentation on being nice to peers, specifically girls, with activities up in the auditorium" - Sumahid C.
“I liked to learn how to tie a tie because I never wore a tie before.” – Tony C.
“I did not know how to tie a tie. That was pretty cool.” – Jared W.
          “My favorite part was when we were in the auditorium and the lady handed out labels. The labels helped determine the type of behavior. I learned a lot from that activity.” – Austin S.

Mr. Noel's Homeroom- Canned Food Drive Winners


Canned Food Drive

The students at YSMS hold a canned food drive event every year, educating our youth about the importance of giving back to the community through the donation of canned food.

This year Student Council decided to hold a “One Day Event/Homeroom Competition” to see which homeroom could bring in the most cans. Mr. Noel's homeroom won the competition by a landslide with over 150 cans. To reward their efforts, Student Council will provide an awesome pancake breakfast to Mr. Noel’s homeroom before the holiday break. 
To add more fun to this event, Valerie Sauder, Brittany Bridges, Shane Burke, Teryn Merrillat, and several other students helped after school to create CANstructures for the very first time. 100’s of cans were separated by color to create our very first "Ketchup Bottle" and "Cornstalk with Leaves." The creations look so much easier than one would think. 
All of the food will be donated to local food banks thanks to the Salvation Army. We thank everyone who contributed in this event!

ES/SPARK's Holiday Cheer


ES/SPARK's Holiday Cheer

On 12/20/2010, the Emotional Support & SPARK Programs at the Middle School visited Manor Care Nursing Home to spread some holiday cheer! We sang some holiday favorites like Rudolf, the Red Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. We also handed out Christmas cards and ornaments that some of our students and their parents made together during our first parent breakfast on Dec. 7th.


See our pictures below!


Book Club


T Team Curriculum in Action

      Students experienced pumpkin day on Friday, October 29th in science. Activities included observing, measuring and seeing if a pumpkin would sink or float!



         Math students in sixth grade are covering topics such as measures of central tendency, stem and leaf plots, graphing, and adding integers. Students use manipulatives to reinforce the skills they have learned. In this picture, students are using a deck of cards to play a review game for the measures of central tendency.


In the picture below, students practice integer work.



         On Friday, October 1, 2010, students from Dr. Pratte and Ms. Cardello’s classrooms participated in book club discussions.  Students invited parents, siblings and teachers to partake in their discussions.  Students selected their own novels and groups.  (see the pictures below)

     Additional book clubs will meet five other times throughout this school year.  All are welcome to join.  The only condition is that you must read the book that the group has selected. The dates are:  November 15, 2010, January 7, 2011, February 17, 2011, April 1, 2011, and May 20, 2011.  Hope to see you there!


Book Fair 2010
The York Suburban Middle School Library Book Fair will run from Monday, November 8th through Wednesday, November 17th. Books are provided by Border’s Books and will be discounted 20% off the cover price. Students will visit the book fair with their Language Arts classes. Cash and checks will be accepted. On Wednesday evening, November 10th, we will be holding our annual Book and Music Café in the library from 6-8PM. This is a family event where you can purchase books and enjoy delicious desserts, beverages and snacks along with entertainment by our own YSMS students. We are looking for adult volunteers to work the book fair and/or donate baked goods for our café night. Please email Kathy Pavoncello at or call at 717-755-2841. See you at the book fair!



Staff vs Softball Intramural Team



Staff vs Field Hockey Team

The Staff vs Field Hockey 2010


Book Fair

Mrs. Krane helps a student select a book.

Two of our awesome parent volunteers!


Staff vs Football Team

2010 Eighth Grade Football Players

2010 Staff Football Team

2010 Football Game to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Photos by Dean Young (a Dean of many talents)

The concession stand raised over $100 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Thank you to everyone who made this year's Dance-A-Thon a huge success!  To date we have raised over $15,000 for our school.


Celebrating Apple Crunch Day

enjoying apples at lunch

Crunching on Apples

Enjoying apples with our friends at lunch

A giant red delicious apple came to share in Apple Crunch Day!

Oh no...that apple brought along a worm!  He wants some apples too!

Sharing our apples with our guests!

We had fun CRUNCHING apples today!


Caught in the Middle Day Pictures


Caught in the Middle Day
      Friday, September 24 was the York Suburban Middle School's tenth year of the Olweus Model and our annual Caught in the Middle Day. The school-wide component is one of the quadrants of the Olweus Model. On this special day we have over 40 community members coming in the morning to discuss talents, hobbies, and community service. The latent message is one of respect of self and others. Additionally, this day evolved due to the research which shows when kids are involved with school, community, or some organized activity they are less likely to bully and engage in other kinds of anti-social behavior. These workshops are to allow kids to connect and find their niche. After the morning workshops - students have lunch and work with their Alliance teachers (small groups). Alliance groups are the classroom component when students learn about bullying, diversity, and a myriad of other issues middle school students deal with on a daily basis. Additionally, the Mark DeRose band entertained the students. After lunch we held an assembly by Chuck Favata - Keeping Kids Safe on Line The assembly was followed by a pep rally lead by our own Spirit Queen, Mrs. Young.

Foreign Language Pictogram Contest
During the first week of March, the Foreign Language classes celebrated National Foreign Language week. They were given the opportunity to enter a pictogram contest to be voted on by the Middle School faculty. A pictogram is using at least one letter in a word to illustrate the definition. Any student enrolled in a Foreign Language was allowed to participate and there were around ninety entries. Throughout Foreign Language week, faculty members viewed the pictograms hanging in the hallway and voted on their top three. The results were announced on the morning announcements and the winning pictograms were displayed. Kailyn, a Spanish student, won first place, Alison, a French student, won second place, and Marta, a Spanish student, won third place.
First Place
Kailyn's Pictogram
Second Place
Alison's Pictogram
Third Place
Marta's Pictogram

Foreign Language Pictograms


















































The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.