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What's New at the View!

100th Day Celebration!!

On February 5th, students and staff celebrated the 100th Day of school!  Students were greeted with 100 colorful balloons lining the hallways as they began this day commemorating 100 days of learning--100 days of practicing the FOUR BEE RULES--and 100 days of Valley View fun!  During the day, students participated in many 100th Day activities, which helped to better understand the concept of 100.  Students did 100 exercises--counted to 100 in a variety of ways--wrote as many words as they could in 100 seconds---practiced being quiet for 100 seconds---and wrote about what they would do with $100 dollars!


Students also participated in a SWEBS (School-Wide Effective Behavior System) rewards assembly where they celebrated 100 days of great behavior as they sang songs and learned a new school pride chant with the Queen Bee!  During the assembly students were informed about the new school-wde reward system for positive behavior and great rule following!  When students earn a GOTCHA card for above and beyond outstanding behavior, they submit their ticket into a lottery where weekly winners are drawn.  Reward prizes include being a school helper, assisting Head Custodian Mr. Tim in the cafeteria, raising and/or lowering the school flag, extra Gym time, and doing school announcements.   Students are VERY excited about the new system!!



Teddy Bear Parade 2011



Valley View Gets Fit
Raises Money for the Third Time!

Dance-a-thon a Huge Success

Valley View’s Parent Committee hosted our third annual Dance-a-thon on Friday, November 6th. The children raised an amazing $17,500 to date!!!  Monies this year are to be used for some leveled readers--and to assist in the development of PTO funding for Yorkshire Elementary. 



Cupola Lighting


Lighting of the Cupola



Pajama Day

 Scholastic Book Fair & Pajama Day!

Dr. Ketterman shared the story, Fancy Nancy’s Pajama Day with the students during Dr. K’s Book Sharing Day. It was decided that Valley View would have a PAJAMA DAY after successfully raising over $250.00 during our ONE FOR BOOKS campaign through SCHOLASTIC.  In addition, Scholastic agreed to match the amount and purchase books for a less fortunate school or organization.


Steven Courtney Visits Valley View Center

Steven Courtney Visits Valley View Center

Valley View’s fabulous PTO sponsored a visit from a classic kids’ musical artist.  Steven Courtney is known for his many educational lyrics.  He performed two shows for VVC students.  The children are always actively involved in his concerts by participating in songs and motions. Fun was had by all!


First Day of School




Today we celebrated our students for being responsible, being respectful, being workers, and being friends with a school-wide assembly.  Dr. Ketterman talked about our one school becoming two next year.  Dr. Ketterman introduced the students to Dr. Stoltz, the principal of Yorkshire.  Ready Teddy was so excited because he had a friend to introduce to the students at Valley View at Yorkshire.  Yorkie Bear was officially greeted as the mascot for Yorkshire Elementary School.


Author & Illustrator Visit Valley View Center


 On Oct. 5, the children attended a presentation by author Pamela Duncan Edwards and illustrator Henry Cole.  The duo shared how they develop wonderful books together.  The children laughed as Mrs. Edwards, “the writer of the words in the book,” led the children to believe her job was more important than the illustrator’s job.  Meanwhile, the illustrator, Mr. Cole, drew humorous sketches behind her as she attempted to emphasize the words.  The partners continued with examples of the how words and illustrations work together. It became clear that both parts are equally important.  Children at Valley View are just beginning to learn the craft of writing, and these visitors provided great mentorship.  A special thanks to Martin Memorial Library for their assistance in arranging this special visit. 
For additional Information about our visitors, you can visit:  


A Visit From the Fire Department

34During Fire Safety Week, Valley View First Grade and Transition classes explored the Fire Company’s Mobile Classroom.  They heard great precautions from the fire fighters on how to stay safe.  The children were given safety tips in the case of a real fire and had the opportunity to “stay low and go” as the miniature house filled with pretend smoke.  The children moved quickly to the designated meeting place.  This is a practice that families are encouraged to discuss and practice at home.  Seeing all the parts and equipment on the fire trucks was another highlight. 

Kindergarten students participated in a brief assembly where they viewed a fire safety video and also saw a volunteer fireman dressed in full gear.  Children are warned not to hide during a fire even though the fireman behind the mask can seem frightening.
Firefighters are our friends and community helpers. 



Valley View at Yorkshire continues to buzz about great behavior!  Today we celebrated our students for being responsible, being respectful, being workers, and being friends with a school-wide spirit day!  The theme of this celebration is Be Excited About CHange, or BEACH DAY!  As we prepare for next year we will be talking about our transition to two primary schools...and today was to help our students become excited about change!




Field Trip to Rutter's Dairy

On Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Full-Day Kindergarten and Transition visited Rutter's Dairy to help them celebrate their 90th Birthday.




That Butterfly Guy

On Tuesday, April 19, 2011 the PTO sponsored "That Butterfly Guy" assembly.  Students learned about butterflies and had the opportunity to see a variety of butterflies.


Thanks PTO for an awesome assembly!


It’s Cool to be Kind at VVC at Yorkshire!

Dr. Ketterman, at her last book sharing, challenged the students and staff to fill a huge heart with their acts of kindness during the month of February. Our VVC at Yorkshire Community went to work and did an amazing job spreading acts of kindness around our school, homes, and far beyond. Not just one, but two huge hearts were completely filled representing over 1000 acts of kindness! Hopefully, you have benefitted from the outpouring of kindness at home. It was amazing how many siblings were the recipients of acts of kindness! We could see and feel the positive impact focusing on kindness can make here in our school community. We saw many students going above and beyond expected behaviors and acting like “Valley View at Yorkshire Super Heroes” with the kind acts shown toward classmates and staff.


Our kindnesses also extended out into our community. We worked together as a school for our 100th day project and donated a whole van load of personal care items to Access York.  Children and their families also raised money for a variety of community organizations. We were humbled by the acts of kindness children and their families demonstrated. Children did such things as: donated their hair to Locks of Love, gave their tooth fairy money to the poor, and volunteered with their families at a variety of community agencies. One family learned about an organization, Caitlyn’s Smile, and made a CD to help people learn how to get involved with this good cause. Our acts of kindness spread globally. A kindergarten student asked her birthday guests to contribute money for Heiffer International, an agency that fights hunger around the world, in lieu of gifts. Truly amazing!


Thank you for your assistance in helping us all learn the power and joy of spreading kindness.




Kindergarten Registration for the 2011-2012 School Year
It is time to register Kindergarten students for the 2011 - 2012 school year!  Children who are now five (5) years old or will have reached their fifth (5th) birthday before September 1, 2011, are eligibile to enroll for Kindergarten in the coming school year. 



How to Register:
Step 1 - Schedule your appointment for April 7, 8, 11, or 12
-- or –-
Phone-in Scheduling - Contact Valley View at Yorkshire (885-1234) on March 1, 2, or 3 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to schedule a registration appointment by the traditional phone-in method.
Step 2 – Complete the registration forms
Please complete all registration materials on-line at our website ( Go to the Valley View at Yorkshire link, click on the Student Registration link located in the left hand column, and complete the forms. Please let us know if you are unable to complete the forms on-line and a packet will be mailed to you.



Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


School Board Announces Yorkshire Elementary Principal

Kimberly Stoltz named Yorkshire Principal








September 1, 2010 the doors to Valley View at Yorkshire opened for first graders.  Kindergarten students arrived on September 2, 2010.  We are having a great time exploring our new building.


Teddy Bear Parade

The rain didn't keep us from celebrating learning the Four Bee Rules!  Thank you to the Middle School Band and Cheerleaders for leading our celebration.



AM Kindergarten Celebrates Good Behavior!


Celebrating Good Behavior

PM Kindergarten, Full Day Kindergarten, Transition and First Grade students celebrated their good behavior with Sno Balls on Friday, June 4.  The rain canceled the baseball game, but the sun came out long enough for everyone to enjoy a Sno Ball.



Valley View Bus Drivers

bus driver

bus driver

bus driver

bus driver

bus driver


Bears Batting for Best Bus Behavior

Our friends at Valley View are ready for spring weather and a great baseball season!  One bus full of students = one team.  A team of students can earn baseballs for each ride to and from school.  Each baseball that comes in to school allows their bus to move one additional base around the field.  On Fridays bus teams can earn a large baseball for following the mystery bus rule.


Please encourage your children to follow the bus rules so their team can score as many points as possible!


The 4 main rules are:


     Bottom on the bottom, back on the back;


     Use an inside voice;


     Keep hands and feet to yourself; and


    The bus driver is the teacher on the bus!


Thanks for your support at home....PLAY BALL!


What's New at the View?
Congratulations go out to the students and parents from Valley View! During our Jump Rope for Heart efforts to raise money for The American Heart Association, the students at Valley View raised over $3,300.00. Jared Brandt, from Mrs. Fickes' class, was the top fund raiser at Valley View. He raised $165.00. The students participated in various jumping activities such as the long jump, the mini trampolines, long and short jump ropes, hippity hops, skip-its, and jump-the-shot. Every participating student received a sticker and a bookmark from The American Heart Association.


On Dr. Seuss’s birthday children in the United States celebrated Read Across America Day. The children at Valley View Center enjoyed several days of learning about Dr. Seuss’s biography and participating in Seuss-like activities to reinforce reading, writing, and of course, rhyming skills.



Friendship Parties



What's New at the View

 Olympic Readers Go For the Gold!!!

We all enjoyed participating in B.E.A. R (Be Excited About Reading) WEEK. We read… and read… and read! We set a goal, but read well over that goal. Then, we set another goal. We exceeded that goal too! In the end the children at Valley View Center read a total of 74,585 minutes! In social studies, students enjoyed various activities that reinforced facts about some of our athletes, good sportmanship, and the Olympic Games.


Even though the wind and snow kept us from having our amazing reading night at the High School, we celebrated right here at Valley View Center! Our closing ceremonies included a parade with all of the children carrying flags designed with favorite stories.  Mrs. Herman read a really cool story about Tacky the Penguin to all of us, and EVERYONE received a GOLD MEDAL!


Community Service & Curriculum

Children at VVC collected hundreds of items for Access York and celebrated their 100th day of school by sorting, counting, and enjoying hundreds of activities.                     

 Check out our Student Photographers

View slideshows of daily life at Valley View taken by our 5, 6, and 7 year old students.


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