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AUGUST 15, 2011 - 7:30 PM

An Executive Session will be held at 6:15 PM, prior to this meeting.


  1. General Business 
    1. Call to Order - Mr. DeHaas
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 
      2. Roll Call
      3. Public Comment
      4. Discussion and Action on Board Minutes - Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of July 18, 2011 and the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting of August 1, 2011.  [Approve as submitted/corrected]
  2. Treasurer's Report - Mr. Miller  [Consent Agenda:  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, a motion to approve the below-mentioned items; second; and roll call vote] 
    1. Approval of Treasurer's Report as of 07/31/11 [File for audit]  The Treasurer's Report, Summary Report and Check Summary are provided.
    2. Fund Account Reports showing balance as of 07/31/11
      1. Food Service Fund - $189,653.14 
      2. Capital Reserve Fund - $315,964.89
      3. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $2,962,596.32
    3. Payment of Bills
      1. General Fund-2011-12 - $1,192,060.74
      2. Food Service Fund - $26,622.46
      3. Capital Reserve Fund - $0
      4. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $657,791.64
  3.   Board President's Report - Mr. DeHaas
    1. Executive Session.  The Board met in executive session following the July 18, 2011 and August 1, 2011 meetings and prior to this evening's meeting for the purpose of discussing personnel and/or legal issues. 
  4. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Orban 
    1. Student Enrollment Report.  The Student Enrollment Report is provided. 
    2. High School Job Training Class Report.  Mrs. Jen Martin will present a report. 
    3. High School Collaboration and Educational Period - Dr. Greenholt
    4. Valley View Opening Ceremony 
  5. Student Board Representative Report - Mr. Hogg
  6. Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy  
    1. The next Curriculum Committee meeting is scheduled August 15 at 2:30 PM.
  7. Buildings and Grounds Committee Report - Mrs. Freireich
    1. Valley View Elementary Renovation Project Update.  Mrs. Freireich will provide a project update.   Mr. Houser will be available for any questions.
    2. Valley View Elementary Renovation Project Change Orders.  The administration recommends the approval of the proposed change orders in the amount of $20,320.90 for the Valley View renovations and additions project.  The individual change orders are provided.  [Motion and Vote] 
    3. The next Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting is scheduled September 21 at 3:45 PM.
  8. Communications Committee Report - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. The next Communications Committee meeting is scheduled September 12 at 6:00 PM. 
  9. Finance Committee Report - Mr. Miller
    1. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled August 31 at 7:30 AM.
  10. Personnel Committee Report - Mrs. Shaffer
    1. The Personnel Committee Report listing resignations and a reassignment is provided.
    2. Informational - Elementary Staffing
    3. Consent Agenda:  You have before you the Personnel Report which includes request for sabbatical leave, request for leave of absence, employment, re-appointment of extracurricular positions for 2011-2012-High School, volunteer coaches for fall 2011-2012, intramural coach for fall 2011-2012, substitute teachers and guest teachers.  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items; roll call vote.
    4. Request for Sabbatical Leave
      1. Recommend the Board accept the request of Debra Weidman, English Teacher at the Middle School, for a Sabbatical Leave for restoration of health for the 2011-2012 school year.
    5. Request for Leave of Absence
      1. Recommend the Board approve the request of Cynthia Abeles, Music Teacher at the Middle School, for a short term disability leave starting August 24, 2011 (for partial days), followed by a family medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, followed by an unpaid leave of absence through June 6, 2012.  Mrs. Abeles will be returning to her position at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year.
    6. Employment
      1. Name:  Angela N. Edel

        Education:  Eastern University, MBA in Management; Shippensburg University, B.S. in Business Administration and Business-Computer-Information Technology K-12 Certification

        Certification:  Business-Computer-Information Technology K-12

        Experience:  South Western School District, Business Education Teacher

        Contract:  Professional Contract

        Salary:  $37,719 * (*salary is pro-rated based on 60% employment) - M.S. - Step 5

        Assignment:  Business Education Teacher

        Building:  High School

        Effective:  2011-12 
      2. NameHannah G. Stayer

        Education:  York College of PA, B.S. in Music Education K-12

        Certification:  Music Education K-12

        Contract:  Temporary Professional Contract

        Salary:  $28,824 * (*salary is based on 60% employment) - B.S. - Step 1

        Assignment:  Music Teacher

        Building:  High School/Valley View Elementary

        Effective:  2011-12 
      3. Name:  Krista L. Wolfenberger

        Education:  Millersville University, School Nurse Certification; York College of PA, B.S. in Nursing

        Certification:  School Nurse

        Contract:  Temporary Professional Contract

        Salary:  $48,040 - B.S. - Step 1

        Assignment:  School Nurse

        Building:  High School

        Effective:  2011-12
      4. Recommend the employment of Daniel Chronister as a full-time substitute for the 2011-2012 school year as an English Teacher for Debra Weidman at the Middle School, at the salary of $48,040 (Step 1 of the Bachelor's Degree Schedule).
      5. Recommend the employment of Sara Dise as a full-time substitute for the 2011-2012 school year as a Music Teacher for Cynthia Abeles at the Middle School, at the salary of $48,040 (Step 1 of the Bachelor's Degree Schedule) to be prorated based upon her employment.
      6. Recommend the appointment of Sarah Dise as Middle School Show Choir Director at the salary of $1,261 which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
      7. Recommend the appointment of Sarah Dise as Middle School Musical Director at the salary of $1,333 which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
      8. Recommend the employment of Susan L. Grove as a part-time Health Room Assistant at the hourly rate of $15.45, effective at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year.
      9. Recommend the employment of Cathi Hicks as a full-time substitute for the 2011-2012 school year as a first grade teacher at Yorkshire Elementary, at the salary of 48,040 (Step 1 of the Bachelor's Degree Schedule).
      10. Recommend the appointment of Nathan Hoover to the position of Assistant (Girls) Soccer Coach at a salary of $3,204 which represents Step 4 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.  Mr. Hoover has served as a volunteer assistant for both boys and girls soccer and was previously a head soccer coach for the district.
      11. Recommend the appointment of Scott Luckenbaugh to the position of Head 7th/8th Grade Football Coach, pending all district clearances, at a salary of $3,766 which represents Step 3 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.  Mr. Luckenbaugh has previously served as a volunteer coach and as an intramural rate assistant coach with our program for several years.
      12. Recommend the appointment of Hannah Stayer as High School Show Choir Director at the salary of $1,294 which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
      13. Recommend the appointment of Hannah Stayer as High School Musical Choral Director at the salary of $895 (1/2 salary) which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
      14. Recommend the employment of Austin Wright as a full-time second shift custodian at the High School at the hourly rate of $12.24 per hour, effective pending Board approval and all district clearances.
      15. Recommend the employment of Beverly Yerger as a full year part-time (20 hours per week) second shift custodian at Valley View Elementary, at the hourly rate of $12.24 per hour, effective pending Board approval and all district clearances. 
    7. Re-Appointment of Extracurricula Positions for 2011-12 - High School 
      1. Tri-M Music Honor Society - Ashley Thrush 
    8. Volunteer Coaches for Fall 2011-2012 
      1. Jeff Pflaum - Varsity Football
      2. Pelle Grimm - Varsity Football
      3. Tyler Knaub - Varsity Football
      4. Mike Smith - Varsity Football
      5. Brent Markle - 9th Grade Football
      6. Justin Krebs - Cross Country
      7. Walt Schrading - Cross Country
      8. Dan Jones - Cross Country
      9. Judy Stewart - Cross Country
      10. Jonathan Oestereich - Cross Country
      11. Lynne VanHouwe - Cross Country
      12. Scott Toman - Girls Tennis
      13. Mark Guyer - Girls Volleyball
      14. Seane Krinock - Girls Volleyball
      15. Jennifer Clancy - Girls Intramural Softball
      16. Gina Sipple - Girls Intramural Softball
      17. Eric Eytcheson - Girls Intramural Softball
      18. Maxine Cooper - Junior High Cheerleading
      19. Alexis Snell - Varsity Cheerleading 
    9. Intramural Coach for Fall 2011-2012
      1. Terry Waltimyer - 7th/8th Grade Football (pending district clearances)
    10. Substitute Teachers 
    11. Guest Teachers 
    12. The next Personnel Committee meeting is scheduled August 18 at 2:00 PM.
  11. Planning Committee Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
    1. Board Goals 
    2. The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled September 12 at 7:30 PM.
  12. Policy Review Committee Report - Ms. Bates
    1. The next Policy Review Committee meeting is scheduled August 31 at 3:45 PM.
  13. York Area Tax Bureau Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
  14. York County School of Technology - Mr. Royer
    1. The Mini-Board Report dated July 19 is provided by the York County School of Technology Joint Operating Committee.
  15. York Adams Academy Report - Mrs. Freireich
  16. Lincoln Intermediate Unit Board Report
    1. " Dawn's Early Light" outlining the highlights of the August 2 LIU Board Meeting is provided.
  17. Legislative Policy Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy 
  18. Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin
    1. School Bus Loading Zones - The Vehicle Code requires the Board establish school bus loading zones along the highways traveled by school buses under 75 Pa. CSA Section 3345(i).  A list of school bus loading zones for the 2011-12 school year is provided.  [Motion and Vote]
  19. Title Report.  Dr. Maloney
  20. Recognition of Visitors
  21. Adjournment




TO:                Members of the York Suburban School Board

FROM:          Kathryn L. Orban, Superintendent

DATE:           August 15, 2011

SUBJECT:  Addendum to the Agenda for the Board Meeting of August 15, 2011


X.  Personnel Committee Report
      F.   Employment

             16.  Recommend the appointment of Theresa Jackson as 9th Grade Class Advisor at the salary of $344 which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.

      H.  Additional Volunteer Coaches for Fall 2011-2012

            20.  Caitlin Eckenrode - JH Field Hockey

            21.  Dianna Sauder - JH Cross Country

            22.  Michael Jackson - JH Cross Country

            23.  Kate Leik - JH Cross Country

            24.  Jeffrey Haldeman - Varsity Football

      N.  Additional Substitute Teachers


Updated 8/15/11


The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.