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JUNE 18, 2012 - 7:30 PM
  1. General Business 
    1. Call to Order - Mr. DeHaas
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 
      2. Roll Call
      3. Public Comment
      4. Discussion and Action on Board Minutes
        Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of May 21, 2012.  [Approve as submitted/corrected]
  2. Treasurer's Report - Mr. Miller  [Consent Agenda:  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, a motion to approve the below-mentioned items; second; and roll call vote] 
    1. Approval of Treasurer's Report as of 05/31/2012 [File for audit]  The Treasurer's Report, Summary Report and Check Summary are provided.
    2. Fund Account Reports showing balance as of 05/31/12
      1. Food Service Fund - $128,384.72 
      2. Capital Reserve Fund - $212,706.64
      3. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $1,122,813.98
    3. Payment of Bills
      1. General Fund-2011-12 - $1,110,652.32
      2. Food Service Fund - $108,199.69
      3. Capital Reserve Fund - $0
      4. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $0 
  3.  Board President's Report - Mr. DeHaas 
    1. Welcome to New Student Board Representative.  Bradley Clark will be attending his first meeting as the Student Board Representative.
    2. Appointment of School Board Secretary.  Recommend the appointment of Dennis L. Younkin as School Board Secretary for a term beginning July 1, 2012 and continuing through June 1, 2013.  [Motion and Vote]
    3. 2012-13 Board Goals Discussion.  Information will be available on June 18.
  4. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Orban
    1. Student Enrollment Report.
    2. PA Economy League Student Enrollment Study Proposal.
    3. Approval of the Graduates of the Class of 2012.  The administration recommends the Board approve the list of graduates of the Class of 2012 and that a listing be placed in the minutes of tonight's meeting.  [Motion and Vote]
    4. High School Model United Nations Club Recommendation.  The administration recommends approval of the High School Model United Nations Club Recommendation.  [Discussion, Motion and Vote]
    5. Overnight Field Trip Request for the High School Band and Color Guard. 
  5. Student Board Representative Report - Mr. Clark
  6. Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy
    1. The minutes from May 17 meeting are provided.
    2. Chapter 4 Proposed Changes - Dr. Maloney
    3. Middle School Math Presentation - Dr. Maloney
    4. The next Curriculum Committee meeting is scheduled August 14 at 9:00 AM.   
  7. Communications Committee Report - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. The Activities Report is provided.
    2. The minutes of May 7 meeting are provided.
    3. The next Communications Committee meeting is scheduled July 9 at 6:00 PM.
  8. Facilities Committee Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp 
    1. The Facilities Committee meeting scheduled June 27 has been canceled and the next  meeting is scheduled July 25 at 5:30 PM.
  9. Finance Committee Report - Mr. Miller
    1. The minutes of February 29 and May 2 meeting are provided.
    2. The Finance Committee meeting scheduled July 2 has been canceled and the next meeting is scheduled August 1 at 5:30 PM. 
  10. Personnel Committee Report - Mrs. Shaffer
    1. The minutes of the May 17 meeting is provided.
    2. Consent Agenda:  You have before you the Personnel Report which includes employment, resignations, re-appointment of extra-curricular positions for high school and middle school and granting of professional status/tenure.  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items; second; roll call vote.
    3. Employment 
      1. NameChristopher J. Adams

          Cowanesque Valley Jr. / Sr. High School, Diploma; Lock Haven University, B.S. in Health Sciences / Athletic Training, 1996; McDaniel College, M.S. in Excercise Science and Physical Education, 2001; California University, Certification in K-12 Administration, 2008; California University, Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility, 2011

          Transition Principal, Northern Tioga School District; Principal, Elkland Area High School; Dean of Students / Health Education Teacher, Elkland Area High School; Health and Physical Education Teacher, Dallastown Area High School; Athletic Director, West York Area School District; Athletic Director / Athletic Trainer, Littlestown Area School District

          12 Month Contract


          High School Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

          July 1, 2012
      2. Name:  Brian E. Ellis

        Education:  Red Lion High School, Diploma; Gettysburg College, B.A. in Mathematics & Computer Science, Minor in Education, 1997; Villanova University, M.S. in Computer Science, 2002; Drexel University, Principal Certification, 2009; Drexel University, Doctorate of Education Program, currently enrolled

        Experience:  Assistant Principal, Manheim Township High School; Curriculum & Instruction Consultant, Manheim Township School District; Mathematics & Computer Science Teacher, Manheim Township High School; Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Millersville University & Villanova University

        Contract:  12 Month Contract

        Salary:  $110,608

        Assignment:  High School Principal

        Effective:  On or about July 15, 2012
      3. Recommend the employment of Rosemarie Drusedum, who is currently a (0.4) Health Room Assistant, as a full-time Health Room Assistant effective at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.
      4. Recommend the employment of Jared Moore, who is currently a (0.8) Technology Education Teacher at the Middle School, as a full-time Technology Education/Math Teacher at the Middle School effective at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.
      5. Recommend the employment of Mary Robison as a substitute Kidwriting Aide effective for the 2012-13 school year.
      6. Recommend the employment of Carole Shearer, who is currently a (0.8) German Teacher at the Middle School, as a full-time German/ESL Teacher at the Middle School effective at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.
      7. Recommend the employment of Hannah Stayer, who is currently a (0.6) Music Teacher at the High School, as a full-time K-12 Music Teacher effective at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.
      8. Recommend the appointment of Nicholas Staab, who was formerly the Assistant Junior High Basketball (7/8) Coach, as Junior High Basketball (9th Grade) Coach at the salary of $3,039 which represents Step 2 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
    4. Resignations
      1. Recommend Board approval of the resignation of Kristy Atkinson, Lunchroom Aide at Indian Rock Elementary, effective June 5, 2012.
      2. Recommend Board approval of the resignation of Mary Robison, Kidwriting Aide at Yorkshire Elementary, effective June 5, 2012.
      3. Recommend Board approval of the resignation of Jill Watt, Lunchrom Aide at Indian Rock Elementary, effective June 5, 2012. 
    5. Re-Appointment of Extra-Curricular Positions for 2012-13 - High School
      1. Band Director - Matthew Husler
      2. Assistant Band Director - Ashley Markey
      3. Percussion Director - T. W. Drumm
      4. Jazz Band Director - Matthew Husler
      5. Orchestra Director - Ashley Thrush
      6. Indoor Percussion Director - T. W. Drumm
      7. Show Choir Director - Hannah Stayer
      8. Drama Production Director - Blythe Hart
      9. Drama Set Construction - Ray Olewiler
      10. Musical Director - Myrna Schaszberger
      11. Musical Assistant Director - Debra Fauth
      12. Musical Set Design & Construction - Steven Thomas Smith
      13. Musical Sound & Lighting - Jonathan Stiles
      14. Pit Orchestra/Choral Director - Ashley Thrush
      15. Musical Choreographer - Michelle Vranich
      16. Musical Ticket Coordinator - Jane Young
      17. Musical Accompanist - Susan  Wolschleger
      18. Newspaper Advisor - Elizabeth Bedell
      19. Yearbook Advisor - Marcella Oathout
      20. Student Council Advisor - Steven Whiteley
      21. TV Studio Advisor - Joseph Toren
      22. 9th Grade Advisor - Theresa Jackson
      23. 10th Grade Advisor - Jill Feltenberger/Brandi Adamy*
      24. 11th Grade Advisor - Joan Hammond
      25. 12th Grade Advisor - Joan Hammond
      26. Best Buddies Advisor - Neil Gutekunst/Jennifer Martin*
      27. Green Club Advisor - Leigh Foy
      28. Ski Club - Thomas Lubaszewski
      29. National Art Honor Society Advisor - Erica Silva-Furjanic
      30. National Honor Society Advisor - Sally Spanswick
      31. National English Honor Society Advisor - Marcella Oathout
      32. French Honor Society Advisor - Lindell Gladfelter
      33. German Honor Society Advisor - Kathy Falatovich
      34. Spanish Honor Society Advisor - Heather Kinneman
      35. Project Harmony Advisor - Jennifer Andrews
      36. SADD Advisor - Jolene Kingston
        *Shared Position - 1/2 Pay
    6. Re-Appointment of Extra-Curricular Positions for 2012-13 - Middle School
      1. Band Director - James Biddle
      2. Stage Band Director - James Biddle
      3. Orchestra Director - Ashley Thrush
      4. Musical Technical Director - William Boll
      5. Yearbook Advisor - Jamie Evans
      6. Student Council Advisor - Peggy Zirkle
      7. Assistant Student Council Advisor - Judy Hershner/David Darrah*
      8. Science Fair Coordinator - James McFadden
        *Shared Position - 1/2 Pay 
    7. Granting of Professional Status/Tenure.  Recommend awarding the professional status/tenure to the following temporary professional employees who have completed six consecutive semesters of employment in the York Suburban School District and "during the last four months of the third year has performed satisfactorily [Section 1108 of the Public School Code of 1949 as ameded by Act 16 of 1996]."  This professional status should be effective June 18, 2012.

      Kayla Levens
      Jared Moore
  11. Planning Committee Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
    1. The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled July 9 at 7:30 PM. 
  12. Policy Review Committee Report - Ms. Bates
    1. The minutes of the May 2 meeting are provided. 
    2. The next Policy Review Committee meeting is scheduled September 18 at 3:45 PM.
  13. York Area Tax Bureau Report - Mr. Sears 
  14. York County School of Technology - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. The Mini-Board Report dated May 31, 2012 is provided by the York County School of Technology Joint Operating Committee. 
  15. York Adams Academy Report - Mr. DeHaas 
  16. Lincoln Intermediate Unit Board Report - Mr. Sears 
    1. " Dawn's Early Light" outlining the highlights of the June 5, 2012 LIU Board Meeting is provided. 
  17. Legislative Policy Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy
  18. Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin
    1. Cooling Tower Project Change Order.  Frey Lutz requested a change order for installing a separate electrical circuit for the water level control in the amount of $1,131.15.  The Director of Finance and Support Services is recommending the approval of the request.  [Discussion, Motion and Vote]
    2. Bid Award - East York Terrazzo Restoration Project.  The Director of Finance and Support Services recommends the award of the bid to Roman Mosaic and Tile Company in the amount of $103,245.  [Discussion, Motion and Vote]
    3. FY13 Final Capital Projects Fund Budget.  The Director of Finance and Support Services recommends approval of the 2012-13 Capital Projects Fund Budget of $931,500.  [Discussion, Motion and Vote]
    4. FY13 Final Capital Reserve Fund Budget.  The Director of Finance and Support Services recommends approval of the 2012-13 Capital Reserve Fund Budget of $25,000.  [Discussion, Motion and Vote]
    5. FY13 Food Service Fund Budget.  The Director of Finance and Support Services recommends the approval of the 2012-13 Food Service Fund Budget of $1,378,963.61 and to set lunch prices for 2012-13 at $2.00 for Elementary, $2.25 for Secondary and $3.60 for adults.  Also, recommended prices for breakfast for 2012-13 be set at $1.20 for students and $1.75 for adults.  [Discussion, Motion and Vote]
  19. Recognition of Visitors
  20. Adjournment

The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.