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MAY 2, 2011 - 7:30 PM

(approved May 16, 2011)
  1. Call to Order – Mr. DeHaas
    1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
      1. Mr. DeHaas called the meeting to order.
  2. Roll Call
    1. Members present
      1. Emily Bates
      2. Jennifer Clancy
      3. John DeHaas
      4. Ellen Freireich
      5. Lynne Leopold-Sharp
      6. Roger Miller
      7. Jeffrey Royer
      8. Lois Ann Schroeder
      9. Cathy Shaffer
      10. Matthew Smith, Student Board Representative
  3. FY12 Proposed Final Budget Hearing
    1. 2011-12 Budget Hearing Presentation
      2011-12 Proposed Final Budget Update
      Resolution for the Approval of the 2011-12 Budget
    2. 2011-12 Food Service Department Budget Proposals
      2011-12 Proposed Food Service Department Budget A
      2011-12 Proposed Food Service Department Budget B
      2011-12 Proposed Food Service Department Budget C
      Federal Regulations and Wellness Initiatives

    Mr. Younkin reported the budget is scheduled to be voted upon on May 16. Budget hearings are optional. By law, the budget must be adopted by June 30. He reviewed the budget documents.
    A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - the academic bus and middle school counselor position is in the budget; information is needed from county and state to calculate reduction on face of tax bill; reducing the middle school athletics in half results in savings of $15,000.
    Mr. Younkin reviewed the resolution.
    Public Comment? None at this time.

    Mrs. Klinke reviewed the Food Service Department Budget information. The administration's recommendtion is Budget C. An increase of $.05 is required by law. The law will eventually require a $.61 increase for elementary and $.41 increase for secondary with an effective date to be determined.
    A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - reimbursement from the state remains the same; there will be an ongoing discussion about fried food a la carte items as the Board is only adopting a budget not a program; high school serving time will change with no split lunch/academic period with students being in favor of this two years ago; there is a significant profit in fried foods; historically, a $.10 increase has not had a big effect on revenue; concern is free and reduced students just missing the cut-off; availability of fresh fruits may be a revenue booster to replace reduction of fried foods.
    Public Comment? None at this time.
    Mr. DeHaas stated the Board will proceed with action on Food Service Department Budget C at the May 16 meeting.

    Mr. Younkin reported based on legal information that the district cannot remove a tax collector unless they fail to make a proper accounting of their collections. The administration is recommending the continuation of Springettsbury Township tax collector along with the continued assistance and guidance of Barbara Bair, County Treasurer. The county is committed to continuing to provide this assistance. The business office has received a final accounting from the Springettsbury Tax Collector for 2010-11 real estate taxes.

    Philip Avillo, 27 N. Russell Street - asked what subjects will be affected with reduction of teachers

    Mr. DeHaas replied these discussions were started in the fall and a resolution was approved and it can be found in the Board minutes on-line. There were 10 resignations and we are not replacing 7 of those positions, office staff was decreased and some reductions in time as opposed to furloughs.
  4. Presentation and Discussion Items – Mr. DeHaas
    1. Overnight Field Trip Request  – Dr. Orban
      High School Quiz Bowl

      Dr. Orban asked students present at meeting to share their experiences with the Quiz Bowl team.
      Jonathan Vu and Josh Markowitz requested assistance in funding the National Quiz Bowl Field Trip in June. They shared specifics about Quiz Bowl competitions.
      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - a donation from a community member was received to help fund the trip; high school student council has not committed on assistance at this time; this competition is much like an athletic competition; lets make sure for the future, fairness to everyone is practiced.
      Mr. DeHaas stated this item will be on May 16 meeting for action.
    2. Cyber Summer School – Dr. Merkle, Dr. Maloney

      Dr. Maloney reported training of teachers for cyber summer school was held and the administration plans to offer eight classes at the cost of $200 per one credit and $100 per one-half credit. The break-even point is five students per course. There is an anywhere, anytime option and for students without computer access a specific time will be available at the high school. The brochure will be ready in about two weeks. Offering this to other districts is being considerated.
      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - classes will be remedial at this time with discussion continuing for credit classes; our students would have first opportunity before offering classes to other districts; the minimum number of five students could be flexible with other courses; a maximum number is still in discussion; the cost for five students is $1300 per course; revenue is used to pay the teachers; our teachers are committed; information can be ready in two weeks for the Board to take action.
      Public Comment on last two items? None at this time.
      This item will be on May 16 agenda for action.
    3. YSSD Guidelines for Participation in Extracurricular Activities – Dr. Greenholt, Mr. Petersen

      Mr. Petersen reported some inconsistencies were discovered while enforcing the guidelines. We did look at other school districts' guidelines. He continued to explain the draft with changes and the reasoning for the changes.
      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - the 15 days would be school days; all extracurricular activities should be using these guidelines; some extracuricular activities such as musical performance has limited events per year; some extracurricular activities are tied to curricular; request input from non-athletic advisors on proposed changes; a season is considered the beginning to the end of school year; specific scenarios were discussed; kids make mistakes and there was some concern with 15 days being excessive for kids being idle and not engaged in an activity; student could attend practice for 15 days and attend event while not participating; while there is no good solution, some students may lie and some students may tell the truth and different outcomes would result; education to students by the coaches and advisors is very important to show students their choices and consequences could penalize the whole team.
      There will be an ongoing discussion. Dr. Greenholt and Mr. Petersen will take the initial thoughts and feedback from the Board and continue to work on proposal.
      Public Comment? None at this time.
    4. Official Establishment of Yorkshire Elementary School (PDE Requirement) – Dr. Orban

      Dr. Orban reported action is suggested on May 16 for the official establishment of Yorkshire Elementary School which would then be forwarded to PDE and they have until August 15 to reply. This item will be on May 16 Board meeting agenda.
    5. Reconfigure Elementary Buildings (PDE Requirement) – Dr. Orban

      Dr. Orban will make recommendation at May 16 Board meeting for the new reconfiguration of elementary buildings. Following Board action, information would be forwarded to PDE.
      Public Comment? None at this time.
    6. Appointment of Treasurer Discussion – Mr. DeHaas

      Mr. DeHaas asked for a volunteer for Treasurer position and Mr. Miller volunteered. This will be on May 16 meeting agenda. This action is taken at this time per Code.
    7. Board Goals Review and 2011-12 Board Goals Discussion – Mr. DeHaas

      Mr. DeHaas stated in lieu of time this evening, this item will be discussed at a later date.
    8. Buildings & Grounds Committee Report – Mrs. Freireich, Mr. Younkin
      1. Clerk of the Works
      2. Valley View Renovation Project – Monthly Executive Summary
      3. Next meeting – May 25 – 3:45 PM

      Mrs. Freireich reviewed the Clerk of the Works information and asked for this action at the May 16 Board meeting.
      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - the cost will come out of construction funds; the reason for extension is because the project is running a little on behind; oversight is important at the end of the project; quality of building is well worth the salary of Clerk of the Works position; the cost would have been more with a construction management company.
      Public Comment? None at this time.
      Mrs. Freireich reported the monthly executive summary is available and next committee meeting date.
    9. Communications Committee Report – Mrs. Schroeder, Dr. Orban
      1. Minutes of April 4

      Mrs. Schroeder reported the minutes are available and reminded everyone starting with the new school year, the calendar and newsletters will be electronic with limited print copies available through the Superintendent's office. The next meeting will be in August.
      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - the administration will report to the Board when information is available about district Facebook account; suggestion of nominal fee for printed newsletters and calendars was suggested and will be discussed at next committee meeting.
      Public Comment? None at this time.
    10. Curriculum Committee Report – Mrs. Clancy, Dr. Maloney
      1. College in High School – Dr. Greenholt
      2. Next meeting – May 19 – 3:45 PM

      Dr. Greenholt reviewed College in High School information. Students would have an additional cost of Art course textbook and used textbooks are permissible. The college was not in agreement with loaning textbooks.
      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - there would be no cost to students that do select English Seminar or Art course with no college credit; students would need to complete a registration form for the courses at the college and there will be no registration fee involved.
      Mrs. Clancy reported date for next committee meeting.
      Mr. DeHaas stated this item will be on May 16 meeting agenda.
    11. Finance Committee Report – Mr. Miller, Mr. Younkin
      1. Market Street Sports Group Advertising Proposal
      2. Minutes of March 30
      3. Next meeting – June 8 – 7:30 AM

      Mr. Miller reported a charter school resolution was discussed at Finance Committee meeting and will be sent to Board members following this meeting.

      Mr. Younkin reviewed information for Market Street Sports Group Advertising Proposal. He concluded with representatives can come to May 16 meeting and answer any questions.
      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - the organization would work with district organizations such as booster clubs; policy 913.1 would need reviewed and updated with this new relationship; naming rights would need discussed by Board in the future.
      Public Comment? Nick Pandelidis, 1871 Grantley Road - is payment a percentage or salary?
      Mr. Miller replied percentage split.
      Mr. Miller reported committee minutes are available and next committee meeting date.
    12. Legislative Policy Committee – Mrs. Clancy, Dr. Orban
      1. 2012 Legislative Platform – Guidelines for Submitting Items

      Mrs. Clancy reported a potential item was received by Mr. Miller and PSBA resolution and language will be necessary. The platform is for new items. Board action is necessary before June 30.
      Mrs. Clancy gave a report on the York County Legislative meeting.
      Mrs. Clancy reminded the Board of the Legislative Breakfast on May 18 from 8:30-10:30 AM. The agenda will be sent to Board members for their review and sugestions. Please RSVP to Wendy your attendance for breakfast. The final agenda and a copy of 11-12 budget will be sent to the legislators next week.
      Public Comment?
      Joel Sears - Is the legislative breakfast a public meeting?
      Mr. DeHaas replied no.
      Phil Avillo - asked for clarification on York County Legislative meeting report.
      Mrs. Clancy responded.
    13. Personnel Committee Report – Mrs. Shaffer, Dr. Merkle
      1. Next meeting – June 1 – 2:00 PM

      Mrs. Shaffer read the joint press release between the Board and Association that was released and reported the June 1 committee meeting may be canceled.
    14. Policy Review Committee Report – Policy Discussion – Ms. Bates, Dr. Orban
      1. No. 438 – Sabbatical Leave for Restoration of Health
      2. No. 438.1 – Professional Development Leave
      3. No. 438.2 – Classroom Occupational Exchange Leave
      4. No. 718 – Service Animals in Schools
      5. No. 336 – Administrative Employees – Personal Leave
      6. No. 436 – Professional Employees – Personal Leave
      7. No. 536 – Classified Employees – Personal Leave
      8. Minutes of April 12
      9. Next meeting – May 24 – 3:45 PM

      Dr. Orban reviewed the proposed policies revisions.
      The policies will be on May 16 meeting agenda for action.
  5. Comments and/or Questions from the Public

    Phil Avillo - comprehensive process of budget process

    Sarah Reinecker, 1101 Farquhar Drive - cost per student, PSSA results, assessment report

  6. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.  

There will be an Executive Session immediately following the meeting.

An executive session was held.


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