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OCTOBER 3, 2011 - 7:30 PM

(approved October 17, 2011)

  1. Call to Order - Mr. DeHaas
    1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
      NOTES -  Vice-President Leopold-Sharp brought the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
    2. Roll Call
      Members Present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, Ellen Freireich,  Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, Jeff Royer, Lois Ann Schroeder, Cathy Shaffer, Michael Hogg (Student Representative)
      Members not present - John DeHaas
    3. Committee Reports
      1. Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy
        1. The next Curriculum Committee meeting is November 10 at 3:45 PM.
          Mrs. Clancy reported the above information.
          Mrs. Clancy also provided an update on the Comprehensive Planning Project.  Following discussion with Dr. Maloney members of the committee were invited to a steering committee meeting on November 16 from 6:30-8:30 PM. 
      2. Communications Committee Report - Mrs. Schroeder
        1. The next Communications Committee meeting is scheduled November 7 at 6:00 PM.
          Mrs. Schroeder reported the above information.  At the committee meeting this evening, it was decided to include on the website announcement the Administrative Team for taking a pay freeze to inform the public.  Another committee recommendation was to plan similar public budget discussion; rather than one big forum, schedule more community based forums and the committee has asked the administration to pursue that planning.  Would board like to discuss?
          A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - different times of the day and evening at the six building locations to accommodate various schedules; Mr Younkin could work on format of meetings and take it to Finance Committee for review; format includes 10-15 minute presentation and time for questions; timeframe would be end of November and first week of December; when advertising the meetings, make sure community is aware all information presented at the meetings will be the same, just location and times are different; minutes should be taken and community input be brought back to the Board; Board members are also encouraged to attend the meetings; one meeting would suffice for parents with more than one child.
          Public Comment?
          Dr. Maloney reported a parent opinion survey will be sent out on October 10 for the Strategic Plan process.  We will start to collect information before official process begins.  The process has been delayed by the state.
          Mrs. Schroeder reported the committee discussed developing a calendar survey to find out information from parents about scheduling spring break and the survey will be going out in fairly short order.
          Ms. Leopold-Sharp asked about the members from the community for the Strategic Plan?
          Dr. Maloney replied community will be represented on sub-committees.   Representative community members will be on the steering committee and some community members are at-large members.
          Mrs. Shaffer asked why the Comprehensive Planning Project is coming under Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee and not Planning Committee?
          Following some discussion, it was decided after training, Dr. Orban and Mr. DeHaas will decide which committee for this item.
          Public Comment?  There was none at this time. 
      3. Facilities Committee Report - Mrs. Freireich
        1. Permission to Bid Cooling Tower.  The administration is requesting permission to bid the replacement of the cooling tower for the High School site facilities.
          Mrs. Freireich reported above information and stated this was discussed at Facilities Committee meeting.
          A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - timing was questioned in relation to energy consumption study by Johnson Controls and administration replied that they will ask; preference for completion is October, November, December or April; monitoring water quality is important because of some of the problems. 
        2. Mrs. Freireich will provide a Valley View renovation project update.
          Mrs. Frieriech reported a few issues remain - kitchen sprung a leak; working on proposed change order with eci Construction and architect about gym roof and you will hear more in executive session.
        3. The minutes of June 29 are provided.
          Mrs. Freireich reported the above information. 
        4. The next Facilities Committee meeting is scheduled November 16 at 3:45 PM.
          Mrs. Freireich reported the above information.
          Public Comment?  There was none at this time. 
      4. Finance Committee Report - Mr. Miller
        1. The minutes of August 31 are provided.
          Mr. Miller reported the above information. 
        2. 2012-13 Budget Development.  The administration will provide an update on the FY2012-13 Budget development.
          Mr. Younkin met with budget heads recently, staff budget review with Association representatives, weekly meetings with Cabinet and meetings with Administrative Team have and are taking place.  Additional information will be available on October 17.
        3. FY2012-2013 Five Year Budget Assumptions.  The FY2012-2013 Five Year Budget Assumptions will be reviewed.
          Mr. Miller reported the above inormation.  At the Finance Committee, we wanted to see two sets of assumptions - do we want to make some changes in the different assumptions?; do we want two scenarios or keep it at one as we have done in the past?
          A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - same scenario with different assumptions; recommendation of committee was two options for assumptions; millage and collection rates, these will affect projections and assumptions;  if too many things are changed, it could get muddy; the committee is recommending at least two projections, please email Mr. Younkin with your thoughts on changes you suggest for assumptions; administration has to talk with the rest of the team about changes that may include two positions being cut unless revenues go up.
        4. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled November 2 at 7:30 AM.
          Mr. Miller reported the above information.
          Public Comment?  There was none at this time.
      5. Legislative Policy Committee - Mrs. Clancy
        Mrs. Clancy reported the PSBA packets have been received and Mrs. Freireich and myself are voting delegates for the October 20 policy council meeting.
      6. Personnel Committee Report - Mrs. Shaffer
        1. The next Personnel Committee meeting is scheduled November 17 at 2:00 PM.
          Mrs. Shaffer reported the above information.
          Public Comment?  There was none at this time.
      7. Policy Review Committee Report - Ms. Bates
        1. Policy No. 810 - Transportation.  The committee is requesting discussion at the Board level on the approved walking area for East York as established under Transportation Policy 810.
          Ms. Bates reported the above information and asked the administration to provide information to begin discussion.
          Mr. Younkin reported there are 144 walkers at East York.  Several lengths of roads in the East York area (Sundale, Kingston and Cortleigh) were determined non-hazardous roads and Haines Road was determined a hazardous road according to the Penn DOT study.  Walking zones did change; the west side of Haines Road is now bussed.
          A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - Only one family spoke to Board about the East York walking area; one bus has half capacity in the East York bus area; the family that commented to Board, some roads have sidewalks and some roads do not have sidewalks; the Policy Review Committee does not have a specific recommendation at this time and felt the Board should look at this situation, one committee suggestions is that it takes some time with changes for things to settle down; there would be no simple solution with one crossing guard in that area; neighbors in the area have complained about the speeds on Kingston Road;  Kingston Road and Cortleigh Road intersection now has a four-way stop sign; would an additional four-way stop intersection or speed humb in the area be helpful?; driving lanes were narrowed on the northside as parking is now permitted; would this change require a policy change?; what is the cost for the exception?; would other hazardous areas in the district need to be looked at for possible changes?; there would be additional costs in making exceptions and changing policy; are elementary student safety patrols being used in elementary walking areas?; middle school students could not be used as safety patrols because of different dismissal times; what is cost of crossing guard?; the township may cover the cost of crossing guard; the crossing guard option may be a less expensive option; the policy states 1.5 mile for elementary students and 2 miles for secondary students and these areas are at the discretion of the Board; do students on the north side of Mt. Rose Avenue (by the Eagle's Nest) walk or are they bussed?-this is a hazardous area; instead of changing policy, could parents be talking with township and police department about speed and safety concerns?; additional dialogue with township by administration could include the use of the crossing guard on Haines Road because the students west of Haines Road are no longer assigned as walkers; can students that are assigned a bus walk home from school?
          Dr. Orban reported the administration will review this information and report back to the Board.
          Public Comment?
          Mitzi Karr, 530 S. Russell Street - concern with safety of students at Kingston and Sundale intersection and Camp Betty Washington Road
          Dr. Orban stated no concerns have been heard from Camp Betty Washington Road area.  The administration will check and report back to Board.
        2. Policy No. 005 - Local Board Procedures - Organization.  PSBA has informed the administration, per School Code, the Temporary President administers the oath of office.
          Ms. Bates reported the two changes to Policy No. 005.
          A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion include - question was raised about oath of office.
          Dr. Orban stated the administration will check with PSBA.
        3. The next Policy Review Committee meeting is scheduled November 15 at 3:45 PM.
          Ms. Bates reported the above information.  
      8. York Area Tax Bureau Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
        1. Review of proposed bylaws for the new York County Tax Collection Committee and the revised bylaws for the York Area Tax Bureau.
          Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported there are no new proposed bylaws for the new York County Tax Collection Committee as they were approved one year back.  There will be a new set of bylaws for York Area Tax Bureau, will meet periodically, one entity-one vote, direct result of legislation.  YATB was a private entity, not public entity.  As a result of Act 32, YATB does have to operate under Sunshine Law.  There are very minor changes and you can call me to discuss.  New resolution will need to be passed to collect 1% income tax and wording of resolution will be available at November Planning Committee meeting.
          Public Comment? Thee was none at this time.
    4. Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin
      No report.
    5. Comments and/or Questions from the Public
      Any Board Comments?
      Ms. Bates reported several laptops are timing out during meeting and it is frustrating.
      Mrs. Erwine asked for laptop numbers that are having difficulty and will check with IT department. 
    6. Adjournment
      Meeting adjourned at 8:46 PM.

      There will be an Executive Session immediately following the meeting.
      An executive session was held.


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