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DECEMBER 5, 2011 - 7:30 PM

(approved December 19, 2011)

  1. Call to Order - Mr. DeHaas
    1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
      Mr. DeHaas called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
  2. The re-organization of the Board takes place for the swearing in of Elected Board Members, Election of a President and Vice-President and the setting of dates and times of meetings for the coming school year.

    Section 402 of the School Code states, "...that there shall be elected from the hold-over members a temporary President to chair the Re-organization meeting, and the Secretary of the Board shall act as Secretary of such meeting."

    Items of business are as follows:
    1. Election of Temporary President
      Motion, Clancy, Second, Leopold-Sharp, and unanimously passed (9-0); Cathy Shaffer to be temporary President.
    2. Reading of the Certificates of Election for Newly Elected Board Members
      Mrs. Shaffer read the Certificates of Election. 
    3. Swearing in of Elected Board Members
      Mrs. Shaffer lead the swearing in of the Elected Board Members.
      Jennifer Clancy
      William Kirk
      H. Roger Miller, Jr.
      Lois Ann Schroeder
      Joel Sears 
    4. Roll Call
      Members present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, John DeHaas, William Kirk, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer, Michael Hogg (Student Board Representative) 
    5. Report of Nominating Committee - Ms. Bates
      1. Election of President [Motion and Vote]
        Motion, Bates, Second, Shaffer; Nominating Committee's recommendation for President is John DeHaas.

        Mrs. Clancy stated that she will be voting yes for Mr. DeHaas as President.  She continued - However, in light of his public statements that he will not seek re-election in 2013, I wish to encourage this Board to recognize the importance of leadership succession for the office of President.  What I learned from having served as Vice-President of the Board for two years is that the position of School Board President involves much more than simply running a public meeting.  In these challenging times going forward, both politically and economically, I believe the President is to bring a certain skill set to the table, is to be accessible to the administration and help with agenda setting, is to be actively inolved in the regular and ad hoc committees of this Board, and is to be regularly visible to and available to the public at events district-wide.

        Ms. Bates asked if there were any nominations from the floor.  Upon hearing none, the nominations were closed for President.

        Roll Call Vote, all present, yes.  Motion carried 9-0.

        Mr. DeHaas thanked the Board for their continued confidence.

        Return of Chair to the President
      2. Election of Vice-President [Motion and Vote]
        Motion, Bates, Second, Schroeder; Nominating Committee's recommendation for Vice-President is Lynne Leopold-Sharp.  Ms. Bates asked if there were any nominations from the floor.  Upon hearing none, the nominations were closed for Vice-President.
        Roll Call Vote, all present, yes.  Motion carried 9-0. 
    6.  Appointment of Architect for Routine Projects.  The administration recommends the appointment of NuTec Design as Architect for Routine Projects for the 2012 year.  [Motion and Vote]
      Mr. DeHaas read above information.
      Motion, Leopold-Sharp; Second, Bates; Appointment of NuTec Design as Architect for Routine Projects for the 2012 year.

      A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion were - a request for proposal was conducted in February for Architect for Routine Projects, five companies submitted proposals, selection committee made up of administration and Facilities Committee conducted interviews and recommendation was made in April.  Payment is on hourly basis, as needed basis for large routine maintenance items, assists the Facilities Department and sometimes larger capital projects in the district as approved by the Board.  This is an annual appointment and my recomendation is to have appointment take place at annual Re-Organization meeting as that allows planning for summer construction.  It is basically a three year appointment with a year to year appointment having the option of additional two years.  Services are requested from NuTec as long as it is not a new school or major addition.  Average annual amount is approximately 7% of construction cost depending on the price.  NuTec is based in York.

      Roll Call Vote, all present, yes.  Motion caried 9-0.
    7. Schedule of Planning Committee and Regular Monthly Meetings for 2012.  
      The administration recommends the approval of the schedule for Planning Committee and Regular Monthly Meetings for 2012.  Voting will only take place at regular monthly meetings unless advertised otherwise.  All times are at 7:30 PM and the place where the meetings will be held is the Ronald H. Provard Education Center unless advertised otherwise.  [Motion and Vote]
      Motion, Clancy, Second, Bates; Approval of the recommended schedule of Planning Committee and Regular Monthly Meetings for 2012.

      A discussion took place.  Points of the discussion included - two meetings are suggested for July; the Planning Committee meeting scheduled for July 2 may not be a good date due to Independence Day week.

      Motion, Clancy, Second, Bates, and unanimously passed 9-0; Amend the previous motion to - the 2012 meeting schedule to July 9 instead of July 2 for Planning Committee Meeting.

      The 2012 meeting schedule is as follows:
      Planning Committee Meetings
      Regular Monthly Meetings  
      January 9  (2nd Monday)  1
      January 23  (4th Monday)  1
       February 13  (2nd Monday)  2
       February 27  (4th Monday)  2
       March 5
       March 19
       April 2
       April 16
       May 7
       May 21
       June 18  (3rd Monday)  3
       July 9 4
       July 16
       August 6
       August 20
       September 10  (2nd Monday)  5
       September 24  (4th Monday)  6
       October 1
       October 15
       November 5
       November 19
       December 3
       December 17
      1 First Monday is Winter Break and school is not in session
      2 Third Monday is Mid-Winter Vacation and school is not in session
      Combined Planning Committee and Regular Monthly Meeting
      First Monday falls within Independence Day Week
       First Monday is Labor Day and school is not in session
       Third Monday is Rosh Hashana
    8. Committee Assignments
      1. Policy No. 005 - Local Board Procedures - Organization 
        Mr.  DeHaas requested Board members send an email to him to indicate which committees you would prefer to serve.  Also, keep in mind there are several additional representatives under Item I that will need volunteers too.

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - ideal model is serving in three capacities; talents will be dispersed as best we can; committee chair, two additional Board members and administration would decide on convenient times for committee meetings, previously, some committee meetings were held during the day and that may need to be adjusted due to work schedules of Board members, meeting times should be open until committee is selected; Mrs. Clancy stated that she would like to continue as chair of Academic Standards & Curiculum Committee and would like to have meetings during late afternoon or possibly early morning but no evenings; suggest practice be people would not be eliminated from committee selection due to the time it meets; expertise that people can bring to committee is more important and the committee should select the time; committee meetings have been advertised for the school year and if time changes occur, the administration would have to advertise the changes; the whole Board is invited to all committee meetings; future advertising could take place for Regular meetings and Committee meetings for calendar year following Re-Organization Meeting rather current practice of advertising for school year to eliminate extra advertising expenses.

        Current Committee chairs shared specific information about committees.  Explanation was provided for York Area Tax Bureau Representative and York County TCC Board Representative.
        Miscellaneous Board Representative Assignments
      1. Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 Joint Authority Representative
      2. York Adams Academy Board Representative
      3. York County School of Technology Operating Committee/Authority Member
      4. York Learning Center Joint Authority Board Member
        Information was shared about these specific assignments.

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - suggestion to have cabinet member prepare meeting minutes instead of the Committee Chairperson to allow concentration on committee work and not note taking; cabinet members are Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Administration, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction and Director of Finance and Support Services.  
  3. Adjournment
    The Re-Organization Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.






DECEMBER 5, 2011
Following Reorganization Meeting

 A G E N D A

  1. Call to Order - Mr. DeHaas
    Mr. DeHaas immediately called the Planning Committee Meeting to order. 
    1. Board President's Report - Mr. DeHaas
      1. Board Goals
        Mr. DeHaas asked for a review of the Board Goals.

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - ideally Board Goals should be set in May to provide that information to Administrators for their planning at the Administrative Retreat held in June; #5 is an operational goal; #1 and #3 have been obtained; in #2 Strategic Planning should be changed to the new name that was changed by the State to Comprehensive Planning; Board members on the Comprehensive Planning Committee are Ms. Bates, Mrs. Clancy and Mrs. Schroeder.

        Mr. DeHaas provided a recap of discussion - change name in #2; suggest #3 remains and be examined and improved; #5 is an operational goal and does not need to be on this goal list; asked for coments on financial goal   

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - suggest goals remain even if it has been accomplished as this is for 2011-12; suggestion to add academic related goals.

        Mr. DeHaas replied that since we are at almost mid-year, suggest an academic related goal be included during discussion in May when goals are set for the following school year to allow the administration to adequately prepare.

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - suggestion to find a way to quanification to allow mid-course correction that may be helpful; Board self evaluation used to be on this list, we did conduct an evauation but did not discuss a review.

        Mr. DeHaas stated that a session on Saturday would be required for a self evaluation review and this will need to be done.

        Mr. DeHaas asked for discussion on the financial goal.  Points of the discusion included - set the target as mentioned on first line and other information are things we value in making hard decisions; replace #7 with financial goal; community meetings are examples of having a methodology for input from constituencies; really like last point to allow time to be spent on things other than finance understanding that is a very important focus; the first sentence is a starting point for discussion by the Board which does not have to happen tonight; intent is to help the administration know what the Board's target is for the future; timing from the State and elections and new Board members could change dramatically and could change philosophy of the Board; concern that this list is on agenda as it looks like financial goals have been approved.

        Mr. DeHaas responded that this is a Planning Committee meeting and information is provided for discussion.  Mr. DeHaas requested "draft" be noted on the list to eliminate any confusion.

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - suggest #7 be deleted and replaced with first sentence of financial goal and the additional information as bullets under the new #7; suggest conversation on index tonight.

        Mr. DeHaas shared that he appreciated everyone's feedback and ideas and we should feel comfortable to value discourse and look at alternatives. 
    2. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Orban
      1. Act 24 - Dr. Merkle will share information on the Memo and PDE Form 6004.
        Dr. Merkle explained the above information and stated there are 12 individuals that have not returned forms.

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - current policy is in compliance; Mr. Younkin is working with Durham getting forms from bus drivers; the number of hours that constitute a volunteer are number of hours person is in contact with students-Dr. Merkle clarified 70 hours; district is hopeful to get all forms returned; district provides payment for background checks for volunteers. 
    3. Committee Reports
      1. Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy
        1. The minutes of the November 10 meet are provided.
          Mrs. Clancy reported the above information. 
        2. The next Curriculum Committee meeting is January 4 at 3:30 PM.
          Mrs. Clancy reported the above information.  The annual Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee Meeting is scheduled on February 15 at 6:30 PM. 
      2. Communications Committee Report - Mrs. Schroeder
        1. The minutes of the November 7 meeting are provided.
          Mrs. Schroeder reported the above information. 
        2. The next Communications Committee meeting is scheduled January 9 at 6:00 PM.
          Mrs. Schroeder reported the above information.

          Dr. Orban reported three of the six community budget meetings have been held.  The meetings have not been well attended and has been a mixed group attending.  The information will be presented to Superintendent's Lay Advisory Council on Thursday evening.  The approach is user friendly and positive feedback has been received.

          Mrs. Schroeder reported preliminary discussion on next year's calendar started at committee meeting this evening and will continue at next meeting.
      3. Facilities Committee Report
        1. The next Facilities Committee meeting is scheduled February 1 at 3:45 PM.
          Mr. DeHaas reported the above information. 
      4. Finance Committee Report - Mr. Miller
        1. The minutes of November 2 are provided.
          Mr. Miller reported the above information. 
        2. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled January 4 at 7:30 AM.
          Mr. Miller reported the above information. 
      5. Legislative Policy Committee - Mrs. Clancy
        No report
      6. Nominating Committee Report - Ms. Bates
        1. The minutes of November 21 are provided.
          Ms. Bates reported the above information.
          Mr. DeHaas questioned if the formalization of the nominating committee process was  helpful?
          Ms. Bates replied yes, it moved very well.
      7. Personnel Committee Report - Mrs. Shaffer
        1. The minutes of November 17 are provided.
          Mrs. Shaffer reported the above information. 
        2. The next Personnel Committee meeting is scheduled February 13 at 2:00 PM.
          Mrs. Shaffer reported the above information. 
      8. Policy Review Committee Report - Ms. Bates
        1. The minutes of November 15 are provided.
          Ms. Bates reported the above information and stated the Education Trip policy was reviewed for first time in November and will be reviewed again at  the January meeting. 
        2. The next Policy Review Committee meeting is scheduled January 10 at 3:45 PM.
          Ms. Bates reported the above information. 
      9. York Area Tax Bureau Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
        Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported the next meeting is Thursday at 3:00 PM and that she was unable to attend.  She asked Mr. Younkin if he is able to attend.
        Mr. DeHaas asked if there was any Public Comments on previous disucssions and/or information presented?  There was none at this time.
    4. Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin
      1. 2012-13 Budget Development.  The administration will provide an overview of FY2012-13 Preliminary Budget and the timeline for adoption in accordance with Act 1 of 2006.
        Mr. Younkin highlighted the above information.

        Mr. Hogg stated South Middleton School District was stated on one of the Resolutions.

        Mr. DeHaas stated the administrative recommendation was proposed and asked for comments from Board members.
        Mrs. Shaffer asked how much of $380,000 is Special Education?

        Mr. Younkin replied $20,000.

        Mr. Sears stated that one of the reasons he is here is to represent taxpayers and the entire York Suburban School District community.  He is very strongly sticking with 1.7 index and no exceptions.

        Ms. Bates stated that one of the discussion items during the Finance Committee meeting were the two exceptions, special education and retirement.  These are two items that we can apply for and both are items that we cannot control expentitures.  If we do not investigate or accept these, we are forced to cut deeper where we can cut.  That put it in a different perspective for me and it is taking money from our students and teachers.  I support the administration's recommendation to make decision at a later time when additional information would be available.

        Mr. Miller stated his opinion is same as last year.  Giving us wiggle room for exceptions, we would accept the exceptions.  I do not support above 1.7%.

        Mrs. Shaffer stated her concern with state mandates taking $380,000 away from students.  She is inclined to hang on to exceptions until more information is available.

        Mr. DeHaas stated his opinion is same as last year.  He will not vote for exception loaded budget at the end.  It is better to give direction at the front end of process for administrators to craft a budget.  It is not fair that we are in this position.  Until markets and real estate bounce back and growth is seen, it will be difficult every year.  He doesn't disagree with expressed points of reference but dragging it along does not make sense to him.

        Mr. DeHaas thanked Mr. Younkin for the preparation of this information.
    5. Comments and/or Questions from the Public
      An opportunity was provided for public comment.  There was none at this time. 
    6. Adjournment
      The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.


An Executive Session was held following the meeting.


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