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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 - 7:30 PM

(approved on March 19, 2012)
  1. General Business 
    1. Call to Order - Mr. DeHaas
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
        Mr. DeHaas called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
      2. Roll Call
        Members present - Jennifer Clancy, John DeHaas, Bill Kirk, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer, Michael Hogg (Student Representative)

        Members not present - Emily Bates
      3. Public Comment
        An opportunity was provided for public comment.

        Dick Grau, 2401 Cambridge Road - complemented Dr. Orban for publication on teenage drinking, it was good communication for the district and York County School Districts; asked about the amount of the $15,000 retirement incentive

        Dr. Orban replied the amount of $15,000 was the amount the administration recommended and was agreed upon by the association and Board.  There were nine retirees and four indicated they took advantage of the incentive opportunity.

        Jessica Renjilian - 2641 Raleigh Drive - current 8th grader; expressed concerns about foreign langugage being important in 7th grade and doubling a math period is not the best idea.

        Christy Renjilian, 2641 Raleigh Drive - defer to student's comment about foreign language; all of the National Merit Students that will be recognized later are in a foreign language honor society, they did an excellent job in math; huge mistake making change in foreign language, disappointed and challenge Board to do better.

        Daniel Shade, 3335 N. George Street, Manchester Township, Central York School District - provided handout to board about proposed Middle School schedule and shared additional comments.

        Jennifer Nesbitt, 198 Summit Drive - provided comments on World Langugage/Math issue
      4. Discussion and Action on Board Minutes - Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of January 23, 2012 and the Minutes of the Special Board Meeting & Planning Committee Meeting of February 13, 2012.  [Approve as submitted/corrected]
        Mr. DeHaas reported the minutes will stand approved as submitted.
  2. Treasurer's Report - Mr. Miller  [Consent Agenda:  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, a motion to approve the below-mentioned items; second; and roll call vote]
    Motion, Miller, Second, Kirk, and unanimously passed (8-0); Approval of the Treasurer's Report.
    1. Approval of Treasurer's Report as of 01/31/2012 [File for audit]  The Treasurer's Report, Summary Report and Check Summary are provided. 
    2. Fund Account Reports showing balance as of 01/31/12
      1. Food Service Fund - $69,287.07 
      2. Capital Reserve Fund - $224,741.24
      3. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $1,284,292.31
    3. Payment of Bills
      1. General Fund-2011-12 - $1,496,228.79
      2. Food Service Fund - $135,339.02
      3. Capital Reserve Fund - $7,399.88
      4. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $82,238.24
  3.   Board President's Report - Mr. DeHaas
    1. Executive Session.  The Board met in executive session following the February 13, 2012 Special Board Meeting & Planning Committee Meeting for the purpose of discussing personnel and/or legal issues.
      Mr. DeHaas reported the above information. 
  4. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Orban 
    1. Student Enrollment Report.  The Student Enrollment Report is provided.
      Dr. Orban highighted the above report. 
    2. Congratulations to 2012 National Achievement Scholarship Program Finalist.
      1. Ahleah Miles, daughter of Luella Neiman.
        Dr. Orban reported above information.   
    3. Congratulations to 2012 National Merit Finalists.
      1. Noah Baker, son of James and Amie Baker
      2. Daphne Blakey, daughter of Albert Blakey and Eleni Pournaras
      3. Brandon Leshchinskiy, son of Mike Leshchinskiy and Milana Leshinsky
      4. Justin Renjilian, son of Rev. Robert and Christy Renjilian
        Dr. Orban reported the above information. 
    4. Congratulations to Region IV/V State Orchestra Participant.
      1. Rose Crosset, daughter of Robert and Lisa Crosset
        Dr. Orban reported the above information.

        Dr. Orban also reported one of our middle school math counts teams placed 5th out of 31 teams in the Math Counts competition at Millersville University over the weekend.  They are the top ranked team from York and Adams counties.

        Dr. Orban also reported that Maddie Nesbitt placed  second in the regional National Spelling Bee Contest this weekend. 

        Dr. Orban also reported she had a request from a parent recently to invite students that are being recognized for outstanding accomplishments to be recognized at Board meetings and asked the Board for their feedback.

        A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - inviting students being recognized to meetings is encouraged, possibly having student stand to be recognized during the meeting, distributing certificates prior to or following the meeting to allow meeting time to flow smoothly; consensus of other Board members.  

        Dr. Orban reported that the administration will plan to invite students that are being recognized to future Board meetings. 
    5. Proposed Middle School Schedule for 2012-13 [Motion and Vote]
      Dr. Orban introduced the proposed middle school schedule for 2012-13.

      Mrs. Shaffer commented that only approximately twelve people attended the recent Academic Standards & Curriculum Committee meeting for the annual presentation and overview of the entire year; thanked the administration and cabinet for the effort and time that was put into the proposed new schedule; do support additional instructional time; opposed to discontinuing foreign language in 7th grade; foreign language should be scheduled earlier not later; unable to support this item.

      Mrs. Clancy commented the majority of middle school students will benefit from increased math time; with the implementation of Common Core Standards, more math instruction will be critical; ask the administration to look for an exploratory foreign language program for 7th grade students in 2013-14.

      Mr. Sears recognized the amount of work that went into proposed schedule by the administration.  Following Mr. Wickenheiser's presentation at the Academic Standards & Curriculum Committee meeting and seeing different methods of assessment for math performance, the average was discouraging.  The goal is to prepare students for college or entering the military or a work place upon graduation.  While guest lecturing at college, I am stunned with the math preparation from high schools. There are serious deficiencies in the county with math preparation.  It is time for realignment of middle school curriculum.  The Common Core standards are more rigorous.  One thing to remember is that foreign language content was not cut, students will have a full year of foreign language at conclusion at middle school.  I will suppport the change to middle school schedule.

      Mr. DeHaas commented on Mrs. Clancy's comment about looking for a way to put cultural exposure in the schedule for 2013-14 and believes it is worth exploration.  After hearing Mr. Wickenheiser's presentation, I  will support this.  Foreign language is important and we should take a look at it going forward.

      Motion, Sears, Second, Miller; Accept the proposed middle school schedule as presented by the administration. 

      Ms. Leopold-Sharp decided in a very recent time period that she will suppport this motion, while having a real sadness that this is necessary.  I understand the situation and suggest looking at it for 2013-14 year.  The community will be watching closely how the increased math instruction will be implemented. 

      Mr. Kirk has a middle school student and upon talking about these changes, he wasn't happy about the changes.  He is in 7th grade and he enjoys the foreign language course the most.  I was not going to support this motion, while I understand more math instruction is necessary, I would prefer to see other areas other than foreign language be adjusted.  I will support this action if we are going to look at 2013-14 schedule to bring back the foreign language.

      Mrs. Shaffer was under the impression that the administration at a preliminary standpoint was not interested in looking for foreign language in 7th grade for the future.  I look to administration for their comment to this.

      Dr. Orban replied the administration believes the schedule is still a work in progress.  We would like to look at and would absolutely entertain that.  Looking at the proposed new schedule, there be other tweaks along the way.

      Mrs. Schroeder understands the hard work the administration put into the development of the proposed new schedule.  It saddens me that we have come to this.  I see 7th grade foreign language program as being a hallmark of who we are and what we have done so well for many years.  I don't know that there is an alternative.  We have heard from so many in the community, students, staff and parents that have valid things to say; I am swayed by their comments and will regrettably vote no.

      Roll call vote, all present , yes, except Schroeder, Shaffer, no.  Motion carries 6-2.
  5. Student Board Representative Report - Mr. Hogg
    Mr. Hogg reported the Boys Basketball team lost in the district semi-final game tonight and they will play in the state tournament next week.  Nate Krebs made All State Band  with the trombone.  The Quiz Bowl team won the Battle of the Minds Quiz Bowl Tournament at  Conestoga Valley High School; they beat Manheim Township High School 175 to 90.  The high school musical, "Anything Goes", will be performed this Friday and Saturday.  Hayden Diener is the #1 jazz tenor saxophone player in the state.
  6. Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy  
    1. The next Curriculum Committee meeting is scheduled May 17 at 3:45 PM.
      Mrs. Clancy reported above information.  The annual Curriculum and Academic Standards meeting was held February 15 and question and answers will be posted to the curriculum section of district website in a few days.
  7. Communications Committee Report - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. The Communications Report and Activities Report are provided.
      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information. 
    2. The next Communications Committee meeting is scheduled March 5 at 6:00 PM.
      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information. 
  8. Facilities Committee Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp 
    1. The next Facilities Committee meeting is scheduled March 21 at 5:30 PM at Valley View Staff Development Room.
      Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported above information. 
  9. Finance Committee Report - Mr. Miller
    1. Request for Proposal - Food Service Management Company.  The administration is requesting permission to do an RFP for a Food Service Management Company contract for 2012-13.  [Motion and Vote]
      Mr. Younkin reported above information.

      A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion include - there are federal guidelines with minimum requirements for standard lunch, options would be available for students for additional portions, the district can meet with company about portion size for a management discussion for a regular Type A meal; per PDE requirements, a term with a company needs annually approved by the Board and a RFP completed every three years; part of transition would be walking through facilities, noted on timeline, and company working with administration to be ready to start in August; the RFP would be an information gathering step; if a food service management company was contracted, they would work with Director of Finance and Support Services, while the district would look to change and/or improve service from the comments by Board, staff and students; current food service employees would be offered a job with the company, benefits and retirement plan would be paid by the company, employment status would change, company will try to make a profit including labor costs; information will be reviewed at this week's Finance Committee meeting pertaining to phasing in new federal regulation that estimates food costs to increase 10% from some inflation and 6% for cost of implementing more nutritional foods; the district food service employees have had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Younkin twice to hear information and ask their questions, six representatives from the food service department met with Dr. Orban last Friday, there will be other opportunities; upon checking with other school districts that have contracted with a food service management company, different methods were used with current food service employees, some long-term employees were considered part of the district until their retirement, some employees became company employees, as new employees came in they were all company employees, these questions would be discussed at the Board level; the district would be responsible for the larger items in the cafeterias and the company would be responsible for the supply items; companies would use the equipment that is currently available and new equipment would need negotiated with both company and district; estimated time to hire a replacement for Mrs. Klinke would be two months, starting replacement process before decision about food service management company in April would not make sense; during process of working with solicitor for RFP, our solicitor has worked with Dover Area School District for RFP and an estimated savings of $85,000-$130,000 at Big Spring School District is estimated and that is after making up deficit that district previously carried.

      Motion, Miller, Second, Leopold-Sharp; Permission given to administration to proceed with RFP for a Food Service Management Company contract for 2012-13. 

      A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - a yes vote does not mean a change will be made, only opportunity for information gathering, a no vote would indicate no need to look any further; hope we could get same amount of food without an undue burden of spending by students; students from other school districts decided to pack their lunch, is it because healthier foods are being served?, request information from other school districts on school district participation.

      Roll Call Vote, all present, yes.  Motion carried 8-0.
    2. Local Audit Report for Period Ending June 30, 2011.
      Financial Report
      Management Letter
      Communications Letter 
      Mr.  Younkin highlighted above information.  Additional information will be available at the Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday.  Discussion will take place to address suggestions, followed by action plans.
    3. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled February 29 at 5:30 PM at Valley View Staff Development Room.
      Mr.  Miller reported above information.
  10. Personnel Committee Report - Mrs. Shaffer
    1. Consent Agenda:  You have before you the Personnel Report which includes employment,  substitute teachers, and guest teachers.  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items; second; roll call vote.
      Motion, Shaffer, Second, Schroeder, and unanimously passed (8-0); Approval of the Personnel Committee Report Consent Agenda. 

      Mrs. Shaffer recognized Bob Rudisill's resignation and added that he will be missed.

      Clarification was provided that Mark Neal is Boys Assistant Volleyball Coach.
    2. Employment
      1. Recommend the appointment of Jessica Barley as Head Girls Basketball Coach at Step 4 of the 2012-13 Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
      2. Recommend the appointment of Caitlin Eckenrode as Junior Varsity Soccer Coach at the salary of $2,238 which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
      3. Recommend the appointment of Samantha Latham as Assistant Softball Coach at the salary of $2,239 which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule
      4. Recommend the appointment of Mark Neal as Assistant Volleyball Coach at the salary of $3,429 which represents Step 4 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule.
    3. Request for Leave of Absence
      1. Recommend the Board rescind approval of the request of Holly Davis, Art Teacher at the High School, for an intermittent family medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act starting February 8, 2012.
    4. Resignations
      1. Recommend Board approval of the resignation of Robert Rudisill, Head Girls Basketball Coach, effective February 8, 2012.
      2. Recommend Board approval of the resignation of Heather Spangler, Food Service Employee at Valley View Elementary, effective March 9, 2012.
    5. Substitute Teachers and Guest Teachers 
  11. Planning Committee Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
    1. High School Table Tennis Club Recommendation.  The administration recommends approval of the High School Table Tennis Club Recommendation.  [Motion and Vote]
      Motion, Leopold-Sharp, Second, Clancy, and unanimously passed (8-0); Approval of the High School Table Tennis Club Recommendation.
    2. The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled March 5 at 7:30 PM at the High School Cafeteria.
      Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported above information. 
  12. Policy Review Committee Report - Ms. Bates
    1. The next Policy Review Committee meeting is scheduled March 13 at 3:45 PM.
      Mr. DeHaas reported above information. 
  13. York Area Tax Bureau Report - Mr. Sears
    No report
  14. York County School of Technology - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. The Mini-Board Report dated January 26 is provided by the York County School of Technology Joint Operating Committee.
      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information and acknowledged Jeff Royer for his many years of service on the Board at YCST. 
    2. Proposed 2012-13 Budget.  The administration recommends approval of the resolution for the proposed 2012-13 Budget for York County School of Technology.  [Motion and Vote]
      Motion, Schroeder, Second, Miller; Approval of the resolution for the proposed 2012-13 Budget for York County School of Technology.

      Mr. Kirk asked about the reallocation of funds remaining from building project fund.

      Mr. Younkin replied the funds will be redistributed to the member districts.

      Roll call vote, all present, yes, except Miller,no, Sears-no.  Motion carried 6-2.
  15. York Adams Academy Report - Mr. DeHaas
    No report
  16. Lincoln Intermediate Unit Board Report - Mr. Sears 
    1. " Dawn's Early Light" outlining the highlights of the February 7 LIU Board Meeting is provided.
      Mr. Sears reported and highlighted the above information.
    2. Proposed 2012-13 General Operating Budget.  The administration recommends approval of the resolution for the proposed 2012-13 General Operating Budget for the Lincoln Intermediate Unit.  [Motion and Vote]
      Mr. Sears reported above information.  The 1.7% increase is based on the index under Act 1.  The Intermediate Unit has a very interesting challenge as we fund them and their budget needs to be in place before districts have their budgets in place.  I am concerned about raising the budget, although it seems like a minor amount, any raise in their budget increases the cost for the district.  It is not a stand alone decision.  Over the last five years, our taxpayers have done their part to accomodate increases in costs.  With that in mind, I would request we vote no on this budget and request a budget with no increase.

      Motion, Sears, Second, no second ; Recommend a vote of no on the proposed 2012-13 general operation budget for the LIU. 

      Mr. DeHaas announced because the motion did not have a Second, the motion will die.

      Motion, Miller, Second, Clancy; Approval of the proposed 2012-13 general operation budget for the LIU.

      Ms. Leopold-Sharp shared that she understands Mr. Sears' concern.  But, from the periods of time she spent on IU Board, they have costs that are fixed such as contractural costs that have been negotiated.  In order for the IU to present a budget with no increase my concern is that they would be unable to do that while meeting the class size and grade requirements per special education laws to structure classes and still pay their staff according to the contract.  I will support this budget.

      Roll call vote, all present, yes, except Sears, no.  Motion carried 7-1.
    3. Annual School Directors Election of Elect Members to the LIU Board of Directors.  Ballots to vote for candidates for the LIU Board have been distributed to Board members in their folders for this evening.  Ballots will be completed and collected at this time.  State Board regulations require a signed ballot for all local Board members.
      Mr. Sears asked Board members to complete the ballot in their packet. 
  17. Legislative Policy Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy
    Mrs. Clancy reported the tentative date for the Legislative Breakfast is May 24 from 8:30-10:30 AM.

    Also, all Board members are invited to attend the legislative meeting on March 20 at Central York High School at 6:30 PM and asked Board members to RSVP to Wendy.
  18. Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin, Dr. Orban, Dr. Merkle, Dr. Maloney 
    1. 2012-13 Budget Development.  The administration will provide an update on the FY2012-13 budget development. 
      FY2012-13 Proposed Budget Changes  
      Dr.  Orban reported the above information.  This week, the administration will prepare the background materials for proposed budget changes.  There are two items that were cut last year and I have received much feedback and would like to engage the Board in discussion and ask the Board for budget additions - the mid-day kindergarten transportation, approximately a $50,000 item last year.  The administration is unsure if some families went to the IB charter school because of this change this year, as they have full-day kindergarten and supply transportation.  Lack of mid-day transportation is a burden for some families.  The scond item that is overwhelmingly been asked by parents and staff is to reconsider the calendar.  It seems the transition to the electronic PRIDE newsletter is going very well looking at the number of hits on the website.  Preliminary projected cost is approximately $9,000 to print calendars for families in the district with no mailing.  These are the only two items that I have received significant feedback.

      A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - at a recent Indian Rock PTO meeting it was considered contributing money towards the printing of calendar and charging parents $2 per calendar, that idea was split among the 20 people in attendance, due to the fact that the district has asked the PTO to take on more financially with field trips; the cost difference with four color printing is minimal; request for Durham to provide what the cost is for kindergarten mid-day transportation going from two buildings now & possibly with longer rides with fewer buses because of the closer geographic location of students to the school; selling calendars could be a fundraiser for Booster Club or other organization; calendar would remain posted on the website; suggest calendar be printed by district and sent home by backpack express; in favor to reinstate mid-day kindergarten transportation; number of coaches eliminated at $3000 savings is two.

      Dr. Orban concluded discussion stating administration will continue research and bring back numbers for mid-day kindergarten transportation, looking at additional coach reduction in the sports department, cost of calendar printing and checking with parents of IB charter school students to see if they may consider coming back to YS with mid-day kindergarten transportation being reinstated. 
  19. Recognition of Visitors
    Sarah Reinecker, 1101 Farquar Drive - gave extraordinary examples of teachers, Jesse Weld and Amy Uffelman, going above and beyond to help students - these kinds of teachers are across the district.
  20. Adjournment
    Meeting adjourned 9:15 PM


An Executive Session was held immediately following the meeting.


The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.