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NOVEMBER 19, 2012 - 7:30 PM

(approved December 17, 2012)
  1. General Business 
    1. Call to Order - Mr. DeHaas
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag  

        Mr. DeHaas called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
      2. Roll Call

        Members Present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, John DeHaas, William Kirk, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer

        Members not present - Roger Miller, Bradley Clark (Student Representative)
      3. Public Comment

        An opportunity was provided for public comment.  There was none at this time. 
      4. Discussion and Action on Board Minutes - Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of October 15, 2012 and the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting of November 5, 2012.  [Approve as submitted/corrected]

        Mr. DeHaas reported the Minutes will stand approved as submitted.
  2. Treasurer's Report - Mr. Miller  [Consent Agenda:  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, a motion to approve the below-mentioned items; second; and roll call vote]    

    Motion, Kirk, Second, Bates, and unanimously passed 8-0; Approval of the Treasurer's Report.

    1. Approval of Treasurer's Report as of October 31, 2012 [File for audit]  The Treasurer's Report, Summary Report  and Check Summary are provided.  
    2. Fund Account Reports showing balance as of October 31, 2012
      1. General Fund-2012-13 - $24,854,281.24
      2. Food Service Fund - $97,378.56
      3. Capital Reserve Fund - $152,699.34 
      4. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $887,920.61 
    3. Payment of Bills
      1. General Fund-2012-13 - $1,415,574.66
      2. Food Service Fund - $216,544.92 
      3. Capital Reserve Fund - $0 
      4. Capital Projects Fund-Bond Series of 2006 & 2007 - $501,102.76 
  3. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Orban
    1. School 2.0 Presentation - Mrs. Aly Tapp and High School Students - Gigi Hoffman, Ethan Ohl, Brianna Plonk  

      Dr. Maloney introduced Mrs. Tapp, High School English Teacher, that will provide a School 2.0 Presentation showing the technology that is used in the classroom.

      Mrs. Tapp introduced the three students in attendance this evening and gave the presentation.

      A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - All teachers have a Moodle presence in the classroom and the amount of technology tools used varies throughout the building; principals are using the technology also; the three students responded how technology is an effective way to learn - we are connected to one another in the classroom, we provide input on other students' blogs, we are able to help one another with writing, really appreciate Mrs. Tapp's response to marking period essays, everything is right at the computer and I don't have to deal with losing things, the podcasting on our writings are very helpful, it is a bit scarey to have our work critiqued but this makes it personal and is different than just a grade on a paper. 

      Mr. DeHaas thanked Mrs. Tapp and the students for coming in to share with the Board this evening.
    2. Food Service Report 
      1. Monthly Dining Review
      2. Sales Activity Report 

        Dr. Orban reported above information.  The administration plans to continue the printed reports each month.  Mrs. Keane was called away on a family emergency and was unable to attend this evening's meeting. 
    3. Student Enrollment Report   

      Dr. Orban highlighted above report.
    4. October 1 LEA Profile 

      Dr. Orban highlighted above report and explained this is the official October 1 student enrollment report that is required by the state.

      A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - because of the many data management systems throughout school districts in the state, it is required that information be submitted through the PIMS data system; the Average Daily Membership (ADM) number is not taken from this report; ethnicity information is self reported; different sources are used to gather information for this report and estimated time to prepare report is well beyond 50 hours; subsidy from the state is based on this report; Mr. Henry has completed many ways to bridge information between systems; several years ago, when the CELT evaluation was done, it was advised to have a data analyzer in school personnel to assist with these requirements and Mr. Mitton takes care of this task for the district. 
    5. Preliminary 2013-14 Calendar Discussion  

      Dr. Orban reported the Superintendents are discussing a common calendar for county school districts.  Several county school districts are starting as early as August 19.  Extra instructional time on the front end prior to Keystone Exams could be a benefit.  The trend around the state is starting earlier.  One district wants to be done by the end of May.   Another benefit of a common calendar could be transportation savings for IU and parochial students.  One district does their adoption of calendars for two years at a time and another district has the calendar as negotiation with the association.  As the administration begins to craft next year's school calendar, are there any initial thoughts from Board members?

      A discussion took place.  Points of the discussion included - starting earlier in August is favored; protected spring break is suggested; PIAA schedule most likely will not be changing; previous calendar survey was almost even with all the options provided regarding protected spring break vs. unprotected spring break; Monday after Thanksgiving was used by another district for first weather make-up day; willingness to start earlier based on administration recommendation; in favor to work towards a county-wide calendar; the state is not thinking of student's best interest with regard to testing schedule; giving families opportunity for a dedicated vacation around a holiday is a good idea; spring sports athletes are commited to being here over spring break; protected winter break or protected spring break; all protected breaks would not be adviseable. 
    6. 2012 United Way Campaign.  Pledges for the district's United Way Campaign from employees and retirees totaled $20,443.20. 

      Dr. Orban reported above information.

      Dr. Maloney reported the Comprehensive Plan has been available for public view and the  submission process is proceeding.
  4. Board President's Report - Mr. DeHaas
    1. The Board met in Executive Session prior to the October 15, 2012 Regular Monthly Meeting and on November 1, 2012 for the purpose of discussing personnel and/or legal issues.   

      Mr. DeHaas reported above information. 
  5. Student Board Representative Report - Mr. Clark 
    Mr. Clark is absent this evening. 
  6. Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy
    1. The next Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee meeting is scheduled January 30 at 9:00 AM.

      Mrs. Clancy reported above information. 
    2. The annual Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee meeting is scheduled February 19 at 6:30 PM.      

      Mrs. Clancy reported above information. 
  7. Communications Committee Report - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. The Communications Report and Activities Report are provided. 

      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information. 
    2. The "What you need to know about serving on a School Board" panel discussion is scheduled December 6 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Middle School. 

      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information and a full panel has been confirmed. 
    3. The next Communications Committee meeting is scheduled December 3 at 6:00 PM. 

      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information.  The Annual Report and Panel Discussion are both board goals and will be discussed on December 3.

      Mrs. Shaffer asked any press representative in attendance tonight to announce the December 6 event.

      Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported Carolyn Warman, Leadership York, distributed information that included the panel discussion event.
  8. Facilities Committee Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
    1. The next Facilities Committee meeting is scheduled on January 2 at 5:30 PM.  

      Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported above information. 
  9. Finance Committee Report - Mr. Miller  
    1. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled November 28 at 5:30 PM.  

      Mr. DeHaas reported above information. 
  10. Nominating Committee Report - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. A Nominating Committee meeting was held prior to this meeting.  Mrs. Schroeder will provide a report. 

      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information and a slate of officers will be presented at Re-Organization Meeting.
  11. Personnel Committee Report - Mrs. Shaffer
    1. Consent Agenda:  You have before you the Personnel Report which includes resignations, employment, additional substitute teachers, additional guest teachers and volunteer winter coaches for 2012-13.  Would any board member like any of these items considered separately or are there any questions on any of these items?  If not, the chair moves approval of the below-mentioned items; second; roll call vote.   

      Motion, Shaffer, Second, Leopold-Sharp, and unaimously passed  (8-0); Approval of the consent agenda of the Personnel Committee Report.
    2. Resignation
      1. Recommend Board approval of the resignation of Melissa Martin as Middle School Cheerleading Co-Coach effective October 31, 2012. 
    3. Employment
      1. Name:                   Barbara Gillespie               
        Education:             Spring Grove Area High School, Diploma; Messiah College, B.A. in French; Minor in Anthropology
        Certification:         French 7-12, English 7-12
        Contract:                Temporary Professional Contract
        Salary:                   $9,650* (*Salary is pro-rated based on 40% employment and start date) B.S. – Step 1
        Assignment:         French Teacher
        Building:                Middle School / High School
        Effective:               First day of the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year
      2. Recommend the employment of Robert Boyer as a Substitute Custodian at the hourly rate of $9.85 effective for the 2012-2013 school year.
      3. Recommend the employment of Julia Dugan as a Lunchroom Aide at Indian Rock Elementary School at the hourly rate of $10.50 effective October 16, 2012.
      4. Recommend the employment of Erika Hartman as a Long Term Substitute Music Teacher for Ashley Thrush effective November 15, 2012 through March 28, 2013 at the daily rate of $105.
      5. Recommend the employment of Sharon Herwig as a Substitute Health Room Assistant at the daily rate of $95 effective for the 2012-2013 school year.
      6. Recommend the employment of Janell Sitler as Middle School Cheerleading Coach at the salary of $1,353 which represents Step 1 of the Extracurricular Salary Schedule. Ms. Sitler was previous hired as the Middle School Cheerleading Co-Coach.
    4. Resignation
      1. Recommend Board approval of the resignation of Julia Dugan as a Lunchroom Aide at Indian Rock Elementary School effective November 13, 2012.
    5. Additional Substitute Teachers for 2012-13
      1. Skylar Brosse
      2. William Folk
      3. Daniel Green
      4. Nicole Irvin
      5. Lindsay Lau
      6. Kamber Schrann
    6. Additional Guest Teachers for 2012-13
      1. Jan Trattner
      2. Janice Camarena-Hackos
    7. Volunteer Winter Coaches for 2012-13
      Robert Rudisill
      Girls Basketball
      Randy Hollinger
      Girls Basketball
      Thomas Staab
      Girls Basketball (Pending clearances)
      Joseph Hasenfuss
      Boys Basketball
      Macgregor Brillhart
      Boys Basketball
      Dylan Hoffman
      Boys Basketball (Pending clearances)
      Tyler Knaub
      Brandon Snyder
      Michael Mountz
      Melissa Martin
    8. The next Personnel Committee meeting is scheduled February 7 at 2:00 PM.

      Mrs. Shaffer reported above information.
  12. Planning Committee Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
    1. The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled December 3 at 7:30 PM.  

      Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported above information. 
  13. Policy Review Committee Report - Ms. Bates
    1. Policy Revision.  The Policy Review Committee recommends adoption of the following revised and new policies.  [Motion and Vote]
      1. Policy No. 202 - Eligibility of Nonresident Students 
      2. Policy No. 915 - Booster/Support Organizations  

        Motion, Bates, Second, Schroeder; Approval of above policies.

        Mrs. Shaffer reported a community member had a question about Policy No. 202 and shared specifics about continuation of a sentence for the former student section to add "for school year".

        Mr. Spare responded the policy is okay as written and would understand that the clarification would make it crystal clear.

        Mr. Sears stated this was discussed by committee and it was decided that addition would be redundant.

        The motion unanimously passed 8-0. 
    2. The next Policy Review Committee meeting is scheduled November 20 at 3:45 PM. 

      Ms. Bates reported above information. 
  14. York Area Tax Bureau Report - Ms. Leopold-Sharp  

    Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported the YATB had a 2% fee to cover expenses.  1.55% were operating expenses and $537,000 will be going back to participating entities.  YATB is strongly encouraging employers to file electronically.
  15. York County School of Technology - Mrs. Schroeder
    1. The Mini-Board Report dated October 25, 2012 is provided by the York County School of Technology Joint Operating Committee. 

      Mrs. Schroeder reported above information. 
  16. York Adams Academy Report - Mr. DeHaas  

    Mr. DeHaas reported 12 young people are registered at York Adams Academy.  For years, Mrs. Freireich talked about  the things being done at York Adams Academy.  Students are choosing to do better.
  17. Lincoln Intermediate Unit Board Report - Mr. Sears 
    1. " Dawn's Early Light" outlining the highlights of the November 6, 2012 LIU Board Meeting is provided.  

      Mr. Sears highlighted the above information and noted a report on the Lincoln Benefit Trust was given at the Board meeting.  He continued, as planners we need to be aware of the increasing medical insurance costs and remember this when a new contract is reviewed.  Higher deductibles and additional information will need to be reviewed at that time.  Costs are going up faster than the index. 
  18. Legislative Policy Committee Report - Mrs. Clancy
    1. Legislative Priorities.  The following are the five Legislative Priorities for the district.  [Motion and Vote] 
      1. B-2.  Supports legislation that gives school boards the authority to conduct furloughs of employees when there are economic reasons identified for the furloughs as part of a plan to reduce or control school district costs.
      2. D-3.  Supports legislation that eliminates the financial burden on local school districts by funding cyber charter schools at the state level.  Further, district funding for brick and mortar charter schools should be limited to charters granted by school boards and funded at a cost based on actual documented educational expenditures and not to exceed the sending district's actual educational expenditures per student.
      3. E-1.  Supports legislation to increase the state contribution for special education services based on actual cost incurred and students served.
      4. I-2.  Supports legislation that establishes a K-12 education funding system that is built upon the principles of equity, adequacy, efficiency, accountability and predictability; uses a statewide funding formula for school district subsidy that recognizes the number of students taught, the relative wealth of a district, the local tax effort and the actual costs of educating every student to achieve Pennsylvania's academic standards; and requires the state to fund 100% of all budgeted subsidy payments on a timely basis.
      5. J-3.  Supports legislation permitting alternative methodology for measuring individual and aggregate student progress under the NCLB Act for determining AYP targets, specifically for ESL students and students with disabilities without compromising accountability determinations. 

        Motion, Clancy, Second, Kirk; Approval of the above five legislative priorities.

        Mrs. Shaffer commented about her remarks made on priority I-12 at the Planning Committee meeting and based on what I have read I will not able to support these five legislative priorities.

        Roll Call Vote, all present, yes, except Shaffer, no.  Motion carried 7-1.

        Mrs. Clancy reported the priorities will be forwarded to PSBA.
  19. Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin
    1. FY2013-14 Budget Update

      Mr. Younkin reported the administration is on schedule with the 13-14 budget.  The budget heads have completed their information.  Projected revenues will be presented at Finance Committee meeting and December Planning Meeting.

      Dr. Orban reported she attended a budget meeting.  PSERs retirement will increase to 16.93%, an impact of an additional $20,000 above what was expected, and that amount is reflected in the budget. 
  20. Recognition of Visitors 

    An opportunity was provided for Public Comment.  There was none at this time.

    Mr. DeHaas reminded the Board members of the  Board Retreat scheduled Saturday, December 1 at 8:00 AM.

    Mr. DeHaas reported that this is my last meeting as president.  He is looking forward to sitting on the other side of the table.  He appreciates everyone's respectfulness throughout his time as president. 
  21. Adjournment  

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.

The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.