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MAY 30, 2013 - 5:30 PM

(approved on June 17, 2013)

  1. General Business
    1. Call to Order - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

        Ms. Leopold-Sharp called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
      2. Roll Call

        Members Present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, John DeHaas, William Kirk, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer

      3. Public Comment

        An opportunity was provided for public comment. 

        Chris Kelliher, 1229 Laurel Oak Lane - My son is Class of 2013 Vice-President and we were informed that he is not permitted to speak at the graduation ceremony because of an inappropriate comment that he made at the Mr. YS program.  Request to permit his son to give his  speech at commencement.

        Warren Bulette, 1775 S. Queen Street - Read an email that he sent to board members about  YS Board infringing on constitutional rights, ignoring emails (5 or 6 unanswered emails), not allowing community members to speak for reasonable amount of time to share detail except when a board member brings up subject, not allowing public comment before board discussion and before voting on an issue, no dialogue is allowed, stop placing public comment at end of agenda, details of employment contracts are not divulged.

        Ellen Freireich, 2805 Lehigh Road - budget adoption on the agenda; three members sitting on this board said taxes would not increase and education would improve, it doesn't look like that will happen this evening.
  2. Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin
    1. 2013-14 General Operating Fund Budget Update
      1. FY14 Final Budget Adoption.  The administration recommends the approval of the 2013-14 General Operating Fund Budget in the amount of $48,142,685 and to set the real estate tax rate at 21.0381 mills as per the resolution.  [Motion and Roll Call Vote]

        Motion, Miller, Second, Schroeder; approval of above.

        Mr. Sears provided a handout to board members and highlighted the information showing impact of marginal tax increases and cumulative impact on increases.  There were very few substative budget discussions at the board level.  We are balancing the budget as teachers retire.  Structural changes for sound financial plan and educational plan are necessary.

        Mrs. Shaffer asked what are other options?

        Mr. Sears responded that it is the responsibility of the Board.  In the Johnson Control process, $800,000 was approved for pool expense.  This followed information by a pool consultant to not spend another dollar on the pool.  We need to look for community opportunities.  We get a list of what we can't do and work in the negative.  Six digit deficits are predicted in years to come.  What can we do?

        Mrs. Shaffer replied advocacy is a long-term strategy.

        Mr. Younkin stated every budget is a new challenge to make changes, looking for strategy to try and balance the budget each year.  We have not had to furlough staff.

        Mr. Sears asked for a recommendation for long-term strategy.

        Mr. Younkin replied that he is not aware of a long-term strategy without affecting programs.

        Ms. Leopold-Sharp stated the meeting is running short on time and asked if  others would like to comment.

        Mr. Kirk stated he was going to continue on Mr. Sears' comments but since we are short on time will not at this time.

        Roll Call Vote, all present, yes, except Sears, no.  Motion carried 8-1.
    2. Appointment of School Board Secretary.  The administration recommends the appointment of Corinne D. Mason as School Board Secretary for a two-year term beginning June 3, 2013 and continuing through June 2, 2015.  [Motion and Roll Call Vote]

      Motion, DeHaas, Second, Shaffer; Approval of above.  Roll Call Vote, all present, yes.  Motion carried 9-0.

       Recognition to Mr. Younkin.  Ms. Leopold Sharp presented a plaque to Mr. Younkin for his service to the district and wished him well in his retirement.  Mr. Younkin stated that it was a pleasure to serve the district.
  3. Recognition of Visitors

    An opportunity was provided for public comment.

    Mr. Kirk asked if the Board is going to address Mr. Kelliher's issue?

    Ms. Leopold-Sharp replied a discussion about a student does not take place in public session and must be discussed in Executive Session.

    Warren Bulette - asked if $200,000 for slush fund is in this budget?

    Mr. Younkin replied that amount is in contingency fund.

    Gordon Freireich, 2805 Lehigh Road - Mr. Bulette's comment of slush fund is inappropriate.

    Mr. Kelliher asked what was the next step with his request?

    Ms. Leopold-Sharp replied that the board will have a discussion in Executive Session and he could expect a phone call from Dr. Orban tomorrow.
  4. Adjournment

    Meeting was adjourned


An Executive Session was held.


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