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APRIL 7, 2014 - 7:30 PM

(approved on April 22, 2014)

  1. General Business
    1. Call to Order - Mr. Miller
      1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag  

        Mr. Miller called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
      2. Roll Call 

        Members present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, Ellen Freireich, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, John Posenau, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer (via electronic communication), Alison Liu (Student Representative)
  2. Board President's Report - Mr. Miller
    1.  School Funding Formula Resolution  

      Mr. Miller reported that Mr. Sears will provide information about above.

      Mr. Sears reported the main resolution is adapted from the PA School Boards Association's template, some specific reference to YS and the situation the district is experiencing. Exhibit A is more specific to district's situation and comparison to Indiana County. The comparison to Indiana County was included after reading an article from Senator Whitehead that was in the Indiana Gazette about being careful what you ask for because you may get it. Indiana County is one of the counties that benefit from declining student enrollment and they benefit from the hold harmless funding forumula. We do need to communicate to people in Harrisburg who are willing to listen and make this right. 85% of our district's budget is being funded by local tax payers.

      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion were - this information should be shared with our legislators to allow them to work toward change; suggestion to have a meeting with our legislators to review this information. 

      Mr. Miller announced the Board will vote on this resolution at the April meeting and following its adoption we plan to get this information out to legislators, PSBA, other Board Presidents and other Superintendents including an Op-ed piece that Dr. Merkle will be preparing now that we have the resolution. Thanks was extended to Mr. Sears from several Board members for preparing the resolution. The resolution will be available for the public at the April 22 meeting. 

      An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time. 
  3. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Merkle
    1. Congratulations to Dr. Brian Ellis on earning his doctorate.

      Dr. Merkle reported above and noted the district now has five buildings under the leadership of principals with doctorates and shared that two of the three Assistant Principals have their doctorates with the third one well on his way.
    2. District Goals Update - The administration calls the board's attention to the updated matrix noting the progress made on the objectives of the District Goals.  The administration is on schedule to complete all objectives as set forth by the Board.

      Dr. Merkle reported above and added the administration will continue to report out on these goals in the future.
    3. Job Descriptions. The administration is recommending the following with respect to job descriptions:
      1. Minor changes to the job description of the Superintendent
      2. Change in title from Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction to Assistant Superintendent
      3. Adoption of the job description of the Assistant Superintendent
      4. Adoption of the job description of the Director of Educational Services
      5. Change in title from Director of Finance and Support Services to Director of Finance 

        Dr. Merkle reviewed above.

        A discussion continued. Points of the discussion were - job descriptions were created with the template from PSBA and two qualification sections were included on the template; the task of student discipline hearings was not listed as a task on the job description due to a more generalized approach and per School Code and policy it does state the responsibility is Superintendent or designee; on the Director of Educational Services job description, revise to include "other duties as assigned". 
    4. PA Economy League Report - At the request of the district, Chapter 5 of the PA Economy League Report on enrollment has been revised.  The entire report is available for review.  Additionally, the administration has prepared an Administrative Summary as an additional resource.  A brief presentation of the report will be made.  

      Dr. Merkle provided a summary of above and answered questions from Board members. The following inquiries will be reviewed by Dr. Merkle - how did PEL define district's portion of Springettsbury Township in this study?; could a comparison of the last PEL report ten year projections be done to the actual student enrollment?; does the PA Department of Education make student enrollment projections any more like previous?
    5. Enrollment and Personnel Management Report - The administration will provide a brief presentation to summarize the full report which is also available for review.  

      Dr. Merkle provided a summary of above and answered questions from Board members. At request of Board members, Dr. Merkle will revise report in future to expand the Full-Time Equivalent Teacher information to list classroom teacher and other professional staff positions. 
    6. Elementary Building Utilization ReportThe administration will provide a written and oral report on its study of the elementary building utilization.  

      Dr. Merkle provided a summary of above and answered questions from Board members. Dr. Merkle will add revenue enhancement to savings list following Board member's suggestion.
    7. Cyber Charter Invitation - On April 4, 95 letters were mailed to the parents of district students enrolled in charter schools.  The letter extended an invitation to parents to consider enrollment in York Suburban.  The attached flyer was enclosed with each letter.

      Dr. Merkle reported above.

      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion were - appreciation of this approach; the same brochure will be shared with the realtors to allow accurate information available to the community.

      Mr. Miller extended thanks to Dr. Merkle and her team for all the work done on these reports and the valuable information that was presented.
  4. Business Office Report - Ms. Mason
    1. Informational  Items
      1. School property tax data 

        Ms. Mason reported the above information was prepared by Jeff Mummert, Business Manager at South Western School District.  PA School Business Officials Association (PASBO) is collecting data to be used in the discussions at the state level regarding tax reform as well as the basic ed fund.  This data above provides information about people losing their homes as a result of increased school property taxes. In the last four years, YS has had seven properties sell at Tax Upset Sale or Judicial Sale for properties that failed to pay property taxes. This information will be made available to the public tomorrow. 
      2. Donation received from Trojan Wrestling Club in the amount of $9,795.36.

        Ms. Mason reported above and stated YS now has three wrestling mats, this new one is one of the light weight mats.
      3. Donation received from David Turybury in the amount of $4,051.39 (softball items).

        Ms. Mason reported above and stated one of these items is an indoor batting cage at the middle school.
    2. Items being recommended for approval on April 22
      1. The administration is recommending awarding the bid for the Middle School Floor Project.

        Ms. Mason reported above and stated the bids will be publicly opened on April 14.
      2. The administration is recommending awarding the bid for the High School Boiler Project.

        Ms. Mason reported above and stated the bids will be publicly opened on April 14.
      3. The administration is recommending approval of the Memorandum of Understanding - York Suburban Education Association - Lump Sum Payment  By the manner in which the contract is currently written, teachers receive their final lump sum pay prior to the last day of school.  The recommended MOU will change the timing of the payment.

        Ms. Mason reported above and payment will take place following the last day for professional staff.

        A discussion continued. Points of the discussion include - there are no concerns for cash flow with this revision, it will actually be helpful.

        Dr. Merkle concluded the discussion stating the Association recognized this previously and brought this to the administration. Ms. Mason is working this through now and following the Board's vote, the Association will vote. 
      4. The administrattion is recommending approval of the Memorandum of Understanding - York Suburban Educational Support Personnel Association - Summer Four-Day Work Week Schedule  

        Ms. Mason reported above information.

        A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - secretaries do have a four day summer work week with flexibility of serveral options; inquiry of how much money does this save will be researched by Dr. Merkle; the district does give up programs to accommodate this schedule; close monitoring of facilities and groundskeeping will take place, since this summer is one week shorter than normal summer schedule due to make-up days, to ensure everything is ready for new school year start.
      5. The administration is recommending approval of the resolution to adopt the proposed final 2014-15 budget for display and advertising.

        Ms. Mason reported above. The Board will have a copy of the budget to review prior to the vote on April 22. 
      6. The administration is recommending approval of the Use of Facilities Fee Schedule for 2014-15 school year.  

        Ms. Mason reported above and stated the Finance Commmittee did review this information.
  5. New Business - Ms. Leopold-Sharp
    1. 2014-15 Calendar - 2015 Board Meeting Schedule Discussion  

      Ms. Leopold-Sharp highlighted above and stated that Tuesday meetings may be a concern.

      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - suggest going back to Monday meetings for unformity, April 6 would be first Monday meeting day and it is also the day after Easter when school is closed for spring break; not all Board members were comfortable with April 6 as a meeting day; 30 days are needed between April regular meeting and May regular meeting for budget adoption; scheduling meetings on April 6 and 13 would not cause a problem having Treasurer Reports available earlier than usual in a month.

      Mr. Miller concluded the discussion stating meetings will be scheduled on April 6,13, May 4 and 18.  
  6. Committee Reports - Mr. Miller
    1. Committee Meeting Schedule   
    2. Policy Review Committee - Ms. Bates
      1. Policy Revisions

        Ms. Bates began the discussion on policy revisions and asked for Board members' comments.
        1.  No. 216 - Student Records 
        2. No. 005 - Organization  

          Summary of discussion for policy revisions - page 2, Appointments, b. delete everything following "A school solicitor"; page 4, Representatives, a. change to "York County Tax Collection Committee"
        3. No. 006 - Meetings  

          Summary of discussion for policy revisions - page 2, middle of page, Notice of executive sessions, revise so that the sentence reads "shall be provided in writing, via email, or by phone"; page 3, Public Participation, replace "District residents" with "Members of the public"

          Dr. Merkle will check with counsel on the suggestion to have "at the discretion of the Board President" to the Members of the public revision on page 3.
        4. No. 006.1 - Attendance at Meetings via Electronic Communications  

          Summary of discussion for policy revision - page 1, a. replace "at least three(3) days" with "with sufficient notice"
        5. No. 007 - Policy Manual Access  
        6. No. 009 - Policy Development  
        7. No. 101 - Mission Statement and Beliefs  
        8. No. 103 - Nondiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices  
        9. No. 103 Attachment  
        10. No. 103.1 - Nondiscrimination - Qualified Students with Disabilities  
        11. No. 103.1 Attachment 1  
        12. No. 103.1 Attachment 2  
        13. No. 103.1 Attachment 3  
        14. No. 103.1 Attachment 4  
        15. No. 104 - Nondiscrimination in Employment and Contract Practices  
        16. No. 104 Attachment  
        17. No. 105 - Curriculum Development  

          Summary of discussion for policy revisions include - page 1, paragraph 3, replace "standards" with "objectives" 
        18. No. 105.1 - Curriculum Review by Parents/Guardians and Students  
        19. No. 105.2 - Exemption From Instruction  
        20. Delete - No. 105.3 - Federal Programs  
        21. No. 106 - Guides for Planned Instruction  
        22. No. 107 - Adoption of Planned Instruction  
        23. No. 108 - Adoption of Textbooks  
        24. No. 109 - Resource Materials  
        25. Delete - No. 109.1 - Library Weeding  
        26. No. 110 - Instructional Supplies  
        27. No. 111 - Lesson Plans 
        28. No. 112 - Guidance Counseling  

          Summary of discussion for policy revisions include - page 1, #2, rewrite to read "Provide ways of adjustment for new students."; page 1, #7, rewrite to read "Make available job opportunities in the community to students."; page 1, #9, rewrite to read "Aid the administration in formulating new and remedial trends that will advance the school program."
        29. No. 113 - Special Education  

          Ms. Bates reported the above policy will be removed until further review is completed.
        30. No. 113.1 - Discipline of Students with Disabilities  

          Ms. Bates reported the above policy will be removed until further review is completed.

          Ms. Bates announced an additional Policy Review Committee meeting has been scheduled on April 22 at 6:00 PM.
    3. Lincoln Intermediate Unit - Mr. Sears
      1. The " Dawn's Early Light" of April 1, highlights of the LIU Board Meeting is provided.

        Mr. Sears highlighted above and added Dr. Nace provided information on hybrid learning model. This method takes best practices in lecture, one on one and cyber and puts them together. Also, LIU is now operating the Pearson Vue Testing Center. There is a major change in the way the GED is conducted, it used to be paper based and now it is all electronic and various locations are now available. The testing center can be used for other things too and it may be a thought if we have other standardized testing or qualifications or certifications that need to be conducted to talk with LIU.
    4. York County School of Technology - Mrs. Schroeder
      1.  The YCST Joint Operating Committee Mini-Board Report for March 27 is provided.

        Mrs. Schroeder reported YCST does anticipate full enrollment for next year along with a waiting list.
    5. Minutes/Announcements
      1. Finance Committee - February 26  
      2. Policy Review Committee - March 11  
      3. Policy Review Committee - April 1   
  7. Comments and/or Questions from the Public  

    Mrs. Clancy asked when the Elementary Building Usage report was being added to the website.

    Dr. Merkle replied on Tuesday.
  8. Adjournment  

    Meeting adjourned at 10:05 PM.

    An Executive Session was held immediately following the meeting.

    There will be an opportunity for public comment at the end of each report.



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