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NOVEMBER 3, 2014 - 7:30 PM
(approved on November 17, 2014)

  1. General Business

    Call to Order
     - Mr. Miller
    1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag  

      Mr. Miller called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
    2. Roll Call 

      Members Present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, Ellen Freireich, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, John Posenau, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer, Jessica Renjilian (Student Representative)
  2. Board President's Report - Mr. Miller
    1. Executive Session. The Board met in Executive Session on October 20, 2014 following the Regular Monthly Meeting for the purpose of discussing personnel and/or legal issues.

      Mr. Miller reported above.
    2. Board Meeting Start Time Change Discussion.  Does the Board wish to consider a change in the start time to 7:00 PM?

      Mr. Miller asked for discussion on above.

      A discussion continued and the consensus of the Board was in support of the time change.

      Mr. Miller announced the new meeting time of 7:00 PM will start in January. 
    3. Solicitor Appointment. The administration will recommend in December the re-appointment of the solicitor. Most districts appoint on an annual basis, using the fiscal year. York Suburban has been using the calendar year. The administration is seeking input from the Board as to how to appoint the solicitor. Should we appoint for a six month period and then annually on the fiscal calendar or continue on a calendar year?

      Mr. Miller reported above and asked for discussion.

      A discussion continued and points of the discussion were - administration does not have a recommendation, the District's practice has been calendar year and this is not by School Code; new Board members joining in December would have an immediate vote if calendar year practice remains; other representatives are appointed by fiscal year; suggestion was made to have 6 month appointment in December followed by fiscal year appointment for future.

      Mr. Miller concluded the discussion stating action will be taken at the December re-organization meeting for six month appointment for solicitor, followed by fiscal year appointment to continue. 
  3. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Merkle
    1. District Affiliated Report - YS Education Foundation - Becca Kennedy Eden will provide a brief report on the work of this organization.

      Dr. Merkle introduced Becca Kennedy Eden.

      Becca introduced herself as the new Executive Director for YSEF. She has been in this position for six months and is enjoying getting to know what the organization does. Previously, she was a volunteer for YSEF. The organization is growing in terms of fundraising. A lot of groundwork has already been done.  It was built from the ground up and has many very dedicated volunteers. The endowment is $134,000 and monies for grants continue to grow. EITC funds continue to come in for YSEF. We have four to five new board members starting in January. A very enthusiastic committee is beginning to plan the spring event. YSEF has a very dedicated board and their focus is giving back to the kids, it's all about the kids. 

      Dr. Merkle added part of last January's State of the District message was to enhance relationships with district affiliated organizations and the District looks forward to continue enhancing the relationship with YSEF. 
    2. Creative York Awards.  Congratulations to Karen Fornadel, High School Art Teacher, as she was honored as a Creative York Awards Honoree by YorkArts for demonstrating creativity and the positive role it plays in building a larger community.  The mission of the Creative York Awards is to recognize accomplishments, inspire others, and promote the innovative spirit of the thriving creative community.  

      Dr. Merkle congratulated Mrs. Fornadel, in attendance this evening, for being honored as stated above. In addition to her role as an Art Teacher, Karen is a YS alum, YS parent and YS coach's wife. She is also very active in the larger York community and is a good role model for our students.

      Mrs. Fornadel shared the award she received with the District. None of this would be possible without the suppport of Board, district and administration which is very important.

      Dr. Merkle will share the award with Dr. Ellis for display in the high school. 
    3. Comprehensive Plan.  The administration will seek Board approval of the membership of the Comprehensive Planning Committee as per the attached list.

      Dr. Merkle reviewed above.

      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion included - students have been included previously on sub-committees; the committee seems to be heavy with staff and administration; no guidelines for the composition of membership of committee although it matches the design guidelines for the Advisory Committee; suggestion to try and have students on the committee.

      Dr. Merkle concluded the conversation stating the administration will try and include students on the committee before a vote is taken on November 17. 
    4. Memorandum of Understanding between York Suburban School District and Whitsons School Nutrition Group. The administration will seek Board approval of the MOU to take effect November 18, 2014. The District is required to ensure that contractors have completed mandated reporter training and the MOU defines the agreement for Whitsons to complete that training with technical or facilities support from the District.
    5. Memorandum of Understanding between York Suburban School District and Durham School Services.  The administration will seek Board approval of the MOU to take effect November 18, 2014. The District is required to ensure that contractors have completed mandated reporter training and the MOU defines the agreement for Durham to complete that training with technical or facilities support from the District.
    6. Memorandum of Understanding between Harrisburg Area Community College and York Suburban High School.  The administration will seek Board approval of the MOU regarding dual enrollment.

      Dr. Merkle highlighted the above MOUs and asked for direction in the future how the Board would like to handle MOUs. 

      A discussion continued. The consensus of the Board was to see and discuss MOUs at Planning Committee meetings prior to action being taken.

      Dr. Merkle asked if there are any questions or concerns with the MOUs.

      A discussion took place. Points of the discussion were - the HACC & YSHS MOU currently involve five students in the auto technology field and two students in the nursing field in the spring, and no new students can be enrolled this school year; the District is paying the fees involved for these students, approximately $25,000; the administration does have flexibility to cap the number of students that can participate due to amount budgeted; students can advance further in this auto technology program than the one offered at York County School of Technology; previously six to eight students have been enrolled each year; additional ideas will be presented at the Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee tomorrow.

      Dr. Merkle concluded the discussion stating there will be a more global discussion following tomorow's committee meeting presentation and discussion.

      An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time. 
    7. Recommendation for Recognition of New Extra/Co-curricular Organizations at the High School.  The administration will seek Board approval of the addition of the following organizations to the District approved list of Activities, Clubs, and Organizations.

      Bible Club (Extra-curricular)
      SASSY:  Students Achieving Success by Saying Yes (Co-curricular)

      Dr. Merkle reviewed above information.

      A discussion continued. Points of the discussion were - there is no cost associated with these additional organizations; SASSY is co-curricular and meets during the advisory period during the school day and also meets after the school day; fully supportive to assist students with opportunities to succeed.
    8. High School Accolades
      1. The York County Commissioners issued a proclamation recognizing the York Suburban High School for its national rankings. Dr. Maloney, Dr. Ellis and Dr. Merkle accepted the proclamation on October 22.
      2. Dr. Ellis received a letter from Representative Scott Perry recognizing York Suburban High School for its national rankings.

        Dr. Merkle reported above information.
        Dr. Merkle reported an invitation for recognition of the State Cross Country Champions by the York County Commissioners was just received today. 
    9. District Quarterly Update  

      Dr. Merkle provided an overview of above information and answered some questions from Board members. This is a working document with all the administrators. Board members were appreciative of this information. The next quarterly report will be embedded in the State of the District report given in January. 
  4. Business Office Report - Ms. Mason
    1. Informational Items
      1. Timeline for 2014-15 Projects  

        Ms. Mason highlighted above and shared the information will be updated as we move forward. 
      2. Patient First Grant Award to the Middle School in the amount of $1,045.95. This money was used for their "Movement in the Classroom" and "Brain Break" programs.

        Ms. Mason reported above.
    2. Items being recommended for approval on November 17
      1. 2013-14 Audit Report  

        Ms. Mason reported that Board members received a copy of the Audit Report in their folders this evening.

        Dr. Merkle added this was a clean Audit Report and shared congratulations to Ms. Mason and her department! 
      2. 2015-16 Budget Calendar  

        Ms. Mason reviewed above information.

        A discussion continued. Points of the discussion were - it was decided to combine the revenues presentation and the expenditures presentation to one meeting on December 15; suggestion to have a date placed on reports and documents when they are presented to Board for clarification; it was decided to include a placeholder on the calendar such as July 15 when budget could be re-opened.

        An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time.
      3. PlanCon Part K Project Refinancing (Series 2012) 

        Ms. Mason highlighted above.

        An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time. 
  5. Student Board Representative Report - Jessica Renjilian 

    Miss Renjilian reported the Link Crew had a pumpkin decorating contest; senior night was held for cheerleaders, band and football team; the Color Clash Run, a mini-THON fundraiser was held with student DJ's on the roof, powdered paint being thrown at runners; both girls and boys cross country participated in state competition and the boys won the state championship; today, students were not in school due to conferences and workshops for teachers; tomorrow is a collaboration day for the high school and students have two hour delay if they earned it.

    Mr. Miller asked Board members about having a student representative report at one or two meetings each month. The concensus of Board was twice a month in order to hear what students are doing.

    Miss Renjilian also reported about the trick or treat night held at the high school where approximately 300 K-2 students were in attendance throughout the science and English wings. Clubs, groups and teachers were at a door that had individual themes, candy was distributed and pictures were taken. The high school kids mentored the little kids. Fun was had by all. The parents really appreciated this safe and fun opportunity for their children.
  6. Committee Reports - Mr. Miller
    1. Finance Committee - Ms. Leopold-Sharp

      The minutes of October 1 are provided.

      Ms. Leopold-Sharp reported above and reminded everyone the Finance Committee will meet on November 24 at 4:30 PM instead of the day before Thanksgiving.
    2. Policy Review Committee - Ms. Bates
      1. The minutes of October 28 are provided. 

        It was noted the minutes were not included on the agenda and will be added following the meeting.
      2. Policy Revisions. The Policy Review Committee reviewed the following policies and will recommend Board approval at the meeting on November 17:

        Ms. Bates asked for discussion on the following policies.
        1. 212 - Reporting Student Progress  

          A discussion took place about receiving ample warning of a pending grade or failure under Guidelines. This was discussed by committee and ample would be different based on individual student and situation. 
        2. 213 - Assessment of Student Progress  
        3. 215 - Promotion and Retention  

          It was decided to remove the last sentence of the second paragraph under Authority. 
        4. 216.1 - Supplemental Discipline Records  
        5. 218 - Student Discipline/Code of Student Conduct  

          It was decided to revise the sentence under #1 on page 2 under Off-Campus Activities to "The conduct occurs during the time the student is traveling to or from school or school-sponsored acitvities, whether or not via District furnished transportation."
        6. 218.1 - Weapons  

          It was explained that nunchaku was in the policy per the School Code and the one year expulsion is in policy due to Act 26. The last sentence of the second paragraph under Authority provides modifications can be made by the Superintendent. 
        7. 218.2 - Terroristic Threats   
        8. 219 - Student Complaint Process  
        9. 221 - Dress and Grooming  
        10. 223 - Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles  

          A discussion took place about registration of bicycles and motor vehicles and the administration will revise language of authorized bicycles in first paragraph of Delegation of Responsibility. 
        11. 224 - Care of School Property  

          A discussion took place about others in second paragraph under Authority.
        12. Delete 225 - Students and the Police  
        13. 226 - Searches  

          A discussion took place about chain of custody and whether that should be added to the policy. It was decided the administration will review policy with solicitor and local police for specifics. 

          Dr. Merkle will provide a summary of policy changes with the November 17 Board agenda for information on revisions. 
        14. Delete 226.1 - Video Surveillance   
        15. 227 - Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia  
        16. 228 - Student Government  
        17. 229 - Student Fundraising  
        18. 230 - Public Performances by Students  
        19. 231 - Social Events and Class Trips  
        20. 232 - Student Involvement in Decision-Making   

          An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time.
    3. Additional Committee Reports/Announcements

      Committee Meeting Schedule  

      Mr. Miller reported above.

      Mr. Miller asked for discussion on Lincoln Intermediate Unit and York County School of Technology reports for Planning Committee meeting and Regular Monthly meeting each month. It was decided to keep placeholder for the reports on both meetings.

      Mrs. Schroeder reported that Communications Committee will need to be move start time for meetings to 6:00 PM due to the Board meeting time changing to 7:00 PM starting in January. 
  7. Lincoln Intermediate Unit - Mr. Sears

    No report
  8. York County School of Technology - Mrs. Schroeder

    YCST Joint Operating Committee Mini-Board Report of October 30, 2014  

    Mrs. Schroeder reported a new Assistant Principal has been hired and the administration is now fully staffed. A word of thanks from YCST as they have worked with YS to allow YCST staff parking at YS and shuttling staff to YCST for the evening Open House that is scheduled.
  9. Comments and/or Questions from the Public  

    An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time.

    Mr. Miller added thoughts and prayers are extended to Mrs. Shaffer during her wrist surgery tomorow.  
  10. Adjournment  

    Meeting adjourned at 8:42 PM.

There will be an opportunity for public comment at the end of each report.

 An Executive Session will be held immediately following the meeting.

An Executive Session was held.


The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.