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MARCH 2, 2015 - 7:00 PM

An Executive Session will be held prior to this meeting at 6:30 PM.

 M I N U T E S
(approved on March 16, 2015)

  1. General Business
    Call to Order 
    - Mr. Miller 
    1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag  

      Mr. Miller called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
    2. Roll Call  

      Members Present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, Ellen Freireich, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, John Posenau, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer, Jessica Renjilian (Student Representative)
  2. Board President's Report - Mr. Miller
    1. Executive Session.  The Board met in Executive Session prior to this evening's meeting for the purpose of discussing personnel and/or legal issues.

      Mr. Miller reported above.
  3. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Merkle
    1. Mini-THON Report. Mr. Oliver Good and Mr. Steve Whiteley will provide a summary of the recent Mini-THON.

      Dr. Merkle introduced Mr. Whiteley.

      Mr. Whiteley, advisor of Student Council, reported that Mr. Good was unable to attend this evening. Mr. Good is the driving force behind the Mini-THON event. Mr. Whiteley introduced student Ellen Eline, head-chair of Mini-THON committee.

      Ellen shared that the biggest accomplishment of Mini-THON is helping all those families with their children. She encouraged everyone to attend a Mini-THON for an hour or two and see the students. At Mini-THON we are all united, doing greater good for other children. It was fun and exhausting. This year we raised $44,000 and this was only the second year. That is absolutely incredible. Students are given the opportunity to lead and work in committees, learning much from the experience, working together with teachers and administrators, including public relations with the community. There were lots of donations from the community.  

      Dr. Merkle commented everyone did a fantastic job with Mini-THON and noted that other schools around the county are hold Mini-THONS too. 
    2. District Affiliated Report - YS Communities That Care. Rachel Scarpato will provide a brief report on the work of this organization.

      Dr. Merkle introduced Rachel Scarpato.

      Mrs. Scarpato reported the CTC Dodgeball Event was held on Friday evening and was a great success. CTC has received its 503(c) status and we are moving ahead with that. CTC mobilizer Brian Klimes has submitted his resignation and Kendra Hilty has accepted to work as interim volunteer during the transition of process of looking for a permanent mobilizer. Results are being reviewed from the PA Youth Survey from last year. Unfortunately, there was an uptick in some numbers for depression and suicide from survey results and we are working with high school and middle school CTC board groups, along with Administration and counselors to see if this is a true portrayal level of feelings with an increased stress level of students. We are also reviewing information with other school districts in the area to see things that they are doing and plan to report back to the Administration. YS Youth Center closed in December due to low attendance, lack of director for second semester and Pastor Liz leaving the church's congregation. We will re-evaluate the program over the summer. The multi-cultural festival will be held on March 26 at the middle school and everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be nine countries represented at tables. The middle school board feedback has been good with the book study, Seven Habits for Highly Effective Teens. On Valentine's Day, the JCC Teen Council held a successful Battle of the Bands. The revised ABC awards are doing very well and there are some great nominees this year.

      Mrs. Scarpato responded to a Board member's question about coordination with the York County CTC stating she met one year ago and they are focusing mostly on truancy. We were asked to participate with a county-wide organization, York Foundation, as they look how schools and area community organizations work together.

      Dr. Merkle responded to a Board members's question about funding for PA Youth Survey and it is funded through the state. Dr. Merkle thanked Mrs. Scarpato for all her efforts with CTC.
    3. District Goals Quarterly Update. Mrs. Hasenfuss will provide an update on the work of the Student Needs Committee.

      Mrs. Hasenfuss, Director of Pupil Personnel, reviewed the above information that are results of a survey that was created by the Student Needs Committee that was administered to staff. The committee brainstormed ideas that could assist with these groups of students identified and then shared with administrative committee for continued review.

      A discussion continued and points were - survey results indicate the percentage of respondents that responded certain ways; some information is being addressed with personnel needs; social workers have not been part of district plan, the Administration has prepared lists of outreach in communities that are available to assist families; the Administration will have to do additional work to identify specific numbers in these groups; counselors, teachers and Administrators do assist families with assistance opportunities in the community; several years ago when CTC was started a list was created of community resources and that may be helpful too.  
    4. Kindergarten Registration Update. Dr. Merkle will provide current numbers.

      Dr. Merkle reported that kindergarten registration was moved to April this year. Last year, 148 students registered in March and at this time 124 have signed up to attend registration next month. The Administration thinks this will increase and anticipates a class of similar size as this year. Dr. Merkle responded to Board member's question about when York Academy Regional Charter School kindergarten numbers for next year will be available and she reported that number is available in the fall.
    5. York City Update. Dr. Merkle will provide a brief update on the status of the School District of the City of York.

      Dr. Merkle shared that last week the Superintendent of York City School District informed the York County School District Superintendents that they are developing a new internal plan, transformational in design and that it addressed needs of students. The Superintendent reported that charter schools were off the table for next year and likely beyond. This does mean that it is necessary to bring teachers back to negotiation table because the teachers have been working without a contract. The receiver is an appointment and is in place and can be tasked wth successful implementation of a plan.

      A discussion continued and points were - the timeline for the receiver started in December 2014 for additional year; as this is the same group that prepared previous plans, Dr. Merkle did make a suggestion about a committee from around the county be considered to bring external perspectives that may be helpful in this process; the advisory council continues to have meetings scheduled, while the last two were canceled. 
    6. Special Education Plan. Mrs. Hasenfuss will present the Special Education Plan.

      Mrs. Hasenfuss reviewed above information.

      A discussion continued and points were - Mrs. Hasenfuss has not seen the need for instruction in the home; students with low vision needs or hearing impairments would be placed with itinerant teacher from LIU or assigned to a fair share classroom; Mrs. Hasenfuss does not see trend upwards for special education and noted increased speech and language needs are being experienced; thanks was extended to the committee that developed this three-year plan.

      Dr. Merkle responded to a question from a Board member about the 2016 renewal for the York Academy Regional Charter School, it is on hold at this time while York City School District is undergoing review process.

      An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time.
  4. Business Office Report - Ms. Mason
    1. Items being recommended for approval on March 16
      1. Before and After School Child Care and Half Day Kindergarten Enrichment Programs

        Ms. Mason reported above.
      2. Restructure of Facilities Department  

        Ms. Mason reviewed above information.

        A discussion continued and points were - the restructuring will not cause any changes with the Director of Facilities position; the Administration would like to post these anticipated openings tomorrow if there is no objection from the Board this evening, once restructure is approved on March 16 the openings will be posted without anticipated, the Administration is anticipating a May approval for both positions and is ready to go with two or three rounds of interviews. 
      3. PlanCon Part K Project Refinancing (Series 2015)

        Ms. Mason reported the above information will be available at the next meeting for action.
    2. Informational Items   
      1. 2015-16 Budget Update

        Ms. Mason reviewed above information that was shared at the Finance Committee and was modified based on committee's feedback and reviewed the information. 

        A discussion continued and points were - Ms. Mason reported delinquent tax process is handled by the county and a 10% penalty is imposed; real estate transfers can take up to two months until the District is notified.

        An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time.

        Mr. Miller reported the budget information will be posted to agenda for public information.
      2. All-Sports Booster Club - Donation in the amount of $1,245 for boys and girls volleyball jerseys

        Ms. Mason reported above.

        A discussion continued and points were - Ms. Mason will check with Mr. Adams if donation was equally split between boys and girls. 
      3. Indian Rock PTO - Donations totaling $2,162.96 for Simple Machine Activity card sets, student agendas and pagefinders

        Ms. Mason reported above.

        An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time. 
  5. Student Board Representative Report - Jessica Renjilian

    Miss Rejilian reported everyone had a lot of fun at Friday's CTC Dodge Ball Tournament. The spring sports season starts this week, mostly indoors due to the weather conditions. This past weekend, the middle school musical was held. This coming weekend is the high school musical. We are almost at the end of the marking period and students are getting their research papers back or turning in their papers and this is a graduation requirement. The Green Club is collecting bottle caps for use in making a mosaic.
  6. Committee Reports - Mr. Miller
    1. Finance Committee - Mr. Posenau
      1. The minutes of January 28 are provided. 

        Mr. Posenau reported above.
      2. York Adams Academy Proposed 2015-16 General Fund Budget  

        Mr. Posenau reported the above information and indicated that they are requesting an increase of 2 1/2 % or $1200. There have been no increases in several years. Twelve seats are available and the District usually fills nine seats. It would be more expensive to pay for nine seats than to buy the twelve seats. The committee recommends approval at next meeting.

        Mrs. Freireich reported that she is pleased with this recommendation and this is a good thing in the educational process. 
      3. 2007 Bond Series Pay Off

        Mr. Posenau reported above and a savings of $13,000 would occur if we pay these off early. The recommendation from the Finance Committee is to pay the outstanding balance of $195,000.

        An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time. 
    2. Policy Review Committee - Ms. Bates.
      1. The minutes of February 3 are provided.

        Ms. Bates reported above.
      2. Policy Revisions. The Policy Review Committee reviewed the following policies and will recommend Board approval at the meeting on March 16:

        Ms. Bates reviewed the following policies and discussion is noted.
        1. 619 - District Audit 

          A discussion took place and points were - posting of audit on website and in business office; the Administration will check with solicitor to see if this is part of policy or administrative regulation.
        2. 621 - Local Taxpayer Bill of Rights 

          A discussion took place and points were - inconsistency with language, non-real estate taxes in paragraph 2 on page 1 and property taxes in last paragraph on page 1; Board's preference was non-real estate taxes.
        3. 622 - GASB Statement 34 

          A discussion took place and points were - term, using an averaging convention, located in paragraph 5 on page 1; Administration will review other options.
        4. 624 - Taxable Fringe Benefits 
        5. 625 - Procurement Cards 

          A discussion took place and points were - both signature phrases located in paragraph 8 of page 1 and in paragraph 2 on page 2 were removed; Administration responded this information was removed and was placed in administrative regulation as procedural.
        6. 626 - Federal Fiscal Compliance 
        7. 701.1 - Naming Rights for School District Facilities 

          A discussion took place and points were -  where is review of policy 701?; Administration responded policy 701 was reviewed recently and will stand as is, the committee felt that the details that were recently inserted in policy 701 should remain instead of following PSBA's recommendation to remove the details.
        8. 702 - Gifts, Grants, Donations 

          A discussion took place and points were - the statement, The board shall be responsible for maintenance of any gift it accepts, at the bottom of page 1 - will all donations have to come before the Board in future?; policy states acceptance by Board or its designee and information comes to Board as informational; the term in #2 on page 1, undesireable hidden costs, was discussed and it was decided to change #2 to All costs with the use of the gift shall be disclosed.; #3 statement was discussed and it was decided to not change the language, while it is not an eloquent sentence but it is clear.
        9. 703 - Sanitary Management 
        10. 704 - Maintenance 

          A discussion took place about last sentence on bottom of page 1 and that does include cost benefit.
        11. 705 - Safety  
        12. 706 - Property Records  

          A discussion took place about preventative maintenance system and fixed asset inventory in the district.
        13. 706.1 - Disposal of Obsolete/Outdated Equipment 
        14. 707 - Use of School Facilities/Groups 

          A discussion took place about capitalizing the word, district, in last sentence of second paragraph for consistency.
        15. 707 - Use of School Facilities/Groups - Attachment 1 

          A discussion took place and points were - gym is not listed in special areas on attachment; the gym is noted on rental fee schedule that is updated on an annual basis in May or June; Administration will review the definition of special use area on attachment 1 and the addition of lights at the Trojan Field on attachment 2.
        16. 708 - Lending of Equipment and Books  
        17. 709 - Building Security  
        18. 709.1 - Video Surveillance 
        19. 710 - Use of Facilities by Staff 

          A discussion took place and points were - revision to policy by strike through of off school property in paragraph 1; staff using facilities does occur with authorization and training on equipment, a number of faculty and coaches use facilities for summer programs; Administration continues to clean up facets of community education.
        20. 713 - Trespassing 

          A discussion took place and points were - revision to second paragraph, shall be placed on all doors to shall be placed on each door.
        21. delete 714 - Use of Outdoor Lighting for Evening Events  
        22. 716 - Integrated Pest Management 
        23. 717 - Cellular Telephones 

          A discussion took place and points were - reimbursement of set amount for use of personal cell phone as business phone for staff identified by Superintendent.
        24. 718 - Service Animals in Schools  

          A discussion took place about miniature horses as service animals.
  7. Additional Committee Reports/Announcements 

    Committee Meeting Schedule 

    Mr. Miller reported above.

    Communications Committee - Mrs. Schroeder reported from committee discussion that any Board member being presented in public or is identified as school director from YS is asked to notify fellow Board members as common courtesy. 

    Mrs. Freireich reported that she was invited to participate in a state committee by Dr. Thew, former LIU Executive Director, on March 25 at the York Learning Center. It was a privilege to see the middle school play this past weekend and we look forward to an outstanding East York musical on Thursday evening and the high school musical this coming weekend.

    Mrs. Shaffer announced that she plans to attend the National School Boards Association conference this month and Board members were asked to let her know of any information she could pursue or look for while at the conference.

    Mr. Miller reminded Board members if they are interviewed about anything discussed by the Board that it should be noted that it is your opinion when you share. The Board President only speaks on behalf of the Board.
  8. Lincoln Intermediate Unit - Mr. Sears

    No report
  9. York Adams Academy - Mrs. Freireich

    No report
  10. York County School of Technology - Mrs. Schroeder

    The Mini-Board Report of the Joint Operating Committee meeting of February 26 is provided.

    Mrs. Schroeder reported above.
  11. Comments and/or Questions from the Public  

    An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time.

    Ms. Leopold-Sharp called attention to Board members about newspaper article recently about the former tax collector of Spring Garden Township pleading guilty on federal charges in the amount of $300,000 and $240,000 was school district taxes. The District was reimbursed years ago by bonding agent. 
  12. Adjournment  

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM.

    There will be an opportunity for public comment at the end of each report.

There will be an Executive Session immediately following the meeting. 

An Executive Session was held.


The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.