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AUGUST 31, 2015 - 7:00 PM

(approved on September 21, 2015)

  1. General Business

    Call to Order - Mr. Miller
    1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag  

      Mr. Miller called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
    2. Roll Call  

      Members present - Emily Bates, Jennifer Clancy, Ellen Freireich, Lynne Leopold-Sharp, Roger Miller, John Posenau, Lois Ann Schroeder, Joel Sears, Cathy Shaffer, Elizabeth Huh (Student Representative)

      Members not present - None
  2. Board President's Report - Mr. Miller
    1. The Board met in Executive Session prior to the Special Board Meeting on August 24, 2015 for the purpose of discussing personnel and/or legal issues.

      Mr. Miller reported above.
    2. Reminder:  PSBA representatives will be meeting with the Board President and Superintendent on September 1 at 12:00. This is a customer service outreach. If any Board members would like to attend, please let Mrs. Erwine know this evening.

      Mr. Miller reported above.
  3. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Merkle
    1. District Affiliated Report - Music Boosters - Kristy Atkinson and Ronda Abel, Co-Presidents, will provide a brief report on the work of this organization.

      Dr. Merkle introduced Mrs. Atkinson and Mrs. Abel.

      Mrs. Atkinson reported both Mrs. Abel and herself are in their second year as co-presidents of the Music Boosters. A handout of the executive board listing was provided to Board members. The two groups, All-Sports Boosters and Music Boosters, have been working very cooperatively with each other. Last year, more money was raised at the concession stand for both groups than previous years. The two groups worked together at the Herb Schmidt Relays, which was not done in the past. Mrs. Abel shared about events scheduled for this year for the marching band, including the New Orleans theme Band Show, performing at nine football games, participating in three parades and four competitions. The marching band has new black t-shirts. The Music Boosters will be hosting two special events this year - York County Honors High School Band Festival, February 12 and 13, at the high school auditorium, top band musicians across York County will participate and the Elementary Song Fest, April 9, at the middle school auditorium. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the All-Sports Boosters. We may be invited to participate in the concessions at the Pullo Center for the Lancer's Drum and Bugle Corps Show that previously was held at YS. Other fun traditional events will include Secret Santa at East York Elementary, Cocoa & Crafts in December, sale of flowers at concerts and the popular Evening of Jazz in the spring. We anticipate a busy year and we invite Board members and the community to these events.

      A discussion continued and points were - are these events included on the school calendar?; the transition from the Band Parents Association to the Music Boosters last year was a process of clarity and the choral and orchestra parents joined in and became involved; the music department trip was helpful last year as all three groups were together and performed together; unity will continue to be promoted; there are new levels of membership this year; all-sports boosters and music boosters donation forms will be provided to Board members.

      Dr. Merkle thanked Mrs. Abel and Mrs. Atkinson for their report this evening and shared appreciation for each of their invaluable service that they provide to the students. 

      Dr. Merkle also introduced Kristy Atkinson as she is the new CTC Mobilizer.
    2. Student Achievement Reports (Dr. Gulley, Dr. Grove, Dr. Krauser)

      Dr. Gulley and Dr. Grove presented a report on the elementary division student achievement.

      Dr. Krauser presented a report on the middle school division student achievement.

      During a discussion that followed the presentations, the Board congratulated the teachers and leadership on the hard work and dedication for each student's growth and achievement.

      Mr. Miller concluded the discussion stating the teachers want to help the students of today to be the adults of tomorrow and hoped that all schools in Pennsylvania would work with the diligence and determination like we heard about in these reports this evening. Directed to the administrators, please congratulate your staff and thank them for their continued hard work and dedication they provide to each student. 
  4. Business Office Report - Ms. Mason
    1. Items being recommended for approval on September 21
      1. Next Year's Budget Calendar  

        Ms. Mason reviewed above.
      2. The Administration recommends approval of the one-time exoneration and refund of an interim tax bill for 2015 school taxes in the amount of $7,300 regarding certain real property located at 3013 East Market Street, Springttsbury Township, York County, Pennsylvania, bearing Tax Parcel Number 46-000-JJ-0011.00-00000, formerly owned by the Springettsbury Township Volunteer Fire Company. The Administration and solicitor are authorized to take all necessary steps to effectuate the exoneration and refund of the aforementioned taxes. 

        Ms. Mason reviewed above.
    2. Informational Items
      1. Facilities Projects Update 

        Ms. Mason reported all facilities projects are complete and a few punch list items remain on the track and Valley View projects.

        A discussion continued and points were - during a recent rain storm, water retention issues were evident on the stadium field, the gutters around the track were cleaned out and we will continue to monitor the situation, some of water retention is due to the compaction of stone under the field that results in slower drainage, it was also noted that the recent rains were very heavy and above the normal amount of rainfall during a storm. 
      2. Donation from Yorkshire Elementary PTO in the amount of $1,135.91 for Durham School Services transportation for May field trips to Perry Dell, Flinchbaugh Nursery and Strand Theatre.

        Ms. Mason reported above.
  5. Student Board Representative Report - Elizabeth Huh

    Miss Huh reported a community movie night was held on Friday and many community members attended. The Student Council will host the Homecoming Dance on October 3 at The Bond in downtown York. The fall sports competition season has begun.
  6. Committee Reports - Mr. Miller
    1. Facilities Committee - Mrs. Freireich
      1. The minutes of July 22 are provided.

        Mrs. Freireich reported above.
      2. The Facilities Committee recommends authorizing the Administration to move forward with approval of advertising and soliciting for bids for the High School Trojan field replacement.

        Mrs. Freireich reported above. This project is on a list of projects to be completed.

        Ms. Mason reported the need for the replacement of the Trojan field is due to the G Max Rating, which is the rate of compaction, underneath the field surface. 
      3. Capital Plan Update 

        Mrs. Freireich reviewed above information and this information is shared to keep information flowing.

        A discussion continued and points were - the first year for the Trojan field was 2007-08; the compaction rate on the Trojan field is more of a concern than the stadium field at this time, lacrosse is very tough on the field; these projects will be discussed in depth at the Board level; in particular the middle school cafeteria renovation and middle school secure entrance will be detailed at a Planning Committee meeting.
    2. Finance Committee - Mr. Posenau

      The minutes of May 27 are provided.

      Mr. Posenau reported above.
    3. Policy Review Committee - Ms. Bates
      1. The minutes of June 2 are provided.

        Ms. Bates reported above.
      2. The Policy Review Committee will be recommending approval of the following policy revisions.

        Ms. Bates reviewed the following policy revisions. The recommendation for deleted policies is a result of the combination of sections 300, 400 and 500 of the policy manual.
        1. Delete 410 - Abolishing a Position
        2. Delete 420 - Freedom of Speech in Noninstructional Settings
        3. Delete 429 - Substitute Compensation
        4. Delete 453 - Employee Assistance Program
        5. Delete 527 - Mid-Level Supervisors
        6. Delete 529 - Substitute Compensation
        7. Delete 546 - Wage Continuation
        8. Delete 553 - Employee Assistance Program
        9. 707 - Use of School Facilities/Grounds - Rental Contract, Attachment 3  
        10. 916 - VolunteersAttachment 1Attachment 2  

          A discussion took place about policy 916 and points were - suggestion that volunteers not be employees or school board members, allowing some grandfathering to not sever a current relationship, possibly include this in #14 on page 5; this may open a can of worms, if Board members are limited to give their time as a volunteer in the District should Board members serve on CTC, DFS or YSEF boards, be a volunteer coach, volunteer in a building?; it is important to make certain that there is no conflict of interest and perhaps the community could perceive that the Board is running things in the organization; understand a concern with a volunteer in a coaching and/or position in authority, teachers serve on the DFS board and probably would not be in existence without this type of assistance, CTC and YSEF would never have occured without this type of volunteer service, there are two separate issues. 

          Ms. Bates stated this policy does not speak about District affiliated organizations.

          The discussion continued and points were - suggestion that we add wording on page 5 for volunteer coaching situation; there are two different discussions and they are related but separate and important, consider Post Prom and miniTHON asking for volunteers to help with an event or a parent helps with a project in their 3rd grade child's classroom; volunteer coach does fall under this policy; all volunteer coaches are required to obtain all clearances.

          Ms. Bates made a suggestion to add to #14 on page 5 of policy 916, not a member of the staff and Board. Support of fellow Board members was received. Ms. Bates reported the revision will be on the committee's recommendation on September 21 Board meeting agenda.

          A discussion continued and points were - there are currently no current Board members that are acting as volunteer coach; suggestion to have a discussion in the future about district affiliated organizations.

          Mr. Miller concluded the discussion stating the Policy Review Committee will have a discussion about the policy in section 000 of the policy manual regarding district affiliated organizations, followed by a discussion at the Board level. 
    4. Additional Committee Reports/Announcements  

      Mr. Miller asked if there were any additional committee reports or announcements

      Mrs. Schroeder reported there will be a Communications Committee tomorrow at 4:00 PM.
  7. Lincoln Intermediate Unit - Mr. Sears

    Mr. Sears reported a meeting will be held tomorrow.
  8. York Adams Academy - Mrs. Freireich

    Mrs. Freireich reported YAA had a smooth and successful opening on August 18 and six YS students are enrolled. A large number of students are waiting to be tested for YAA.
  9. York County School Technology - Mrs. Schroeder

    The YCST Joint Operating Committee Mini-Board Report of August 27 is provided.

    Mrs. Schroeder reported above. The budget topic is on the next meeting's agenda. 1,715 students are enrolled at YCST and 44 are YS students. The breakdown of various district enrollment is now available if any Board member is interested. Recently, a group of lacrosse parents approached the athletic director at YCST to add lacrosse as a sport. The estimated cost to start lacrosse at YCST is $48,000 with an annual cost of $36,000.

    A discussion continued and the point was - the budget was for 55 students at YCST this year. 
  10. Board Meeting and Committee Schedule  

    Mr. Miller reported above.
  11. Comments and/or Questions from the Public  

    An opportunity was provided for public comment. There was none at this time.

  12. Adjournment  

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM.

    There will be an opportunity for public comment at the end of each report.


    An Executive Session was held.

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